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GoetiaGordon Jul 1 '18
Any fans of neros bellums project psyclon nine? Industrial metal mix? I am! Fan since forever. discovered clinik from divine infekt album and thats what got me into industrial scene. I like his transition from industrial clubby to more black metal! His order of the shadow album is divine.

For fans in the dark, HIS NEW ALBUM ICON OF THE ADVERSARY IS SET FOR 8.24.2O18

Slacker666 Jul 24 '18
I really enjoy Psyclon Nine.
AK Aug 2 '18
I think they're great - one of the few bands that are actually better live, which makes for a certain amount of irony considering___ well___ 
GoetiaGordon Aug 2 '18
nice! 22 more days till its release! ill be seein him for the 3rd time
AK Aug 2 '18
Nice. We had a topic a while back "the most satanic song" (which is silly, if you think about it, but whatever) but in my book "we the fallen" - especially the live clip - that sums it all up as succinctly as can be as far as I'm concerned. 

Enjoy the show. 

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