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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 6 '18

Originally I tried to post this as a sort of "outreach" to provide direction instead of just trashing people to test them, but HTML and my phone don't get long. And I dont want this to go to waste. 

Here is a legitimate ritual to sell one's soul. 

Note*  Doing this WILL attempt to erode your resolve. And this is just the first step, like a soldier awaiting boot camp. The pact is only signing up, after all. 


1. 3 walmart mexi-candles (NO JESUS)

2. Something with your DNA on It. (Hair)

3. Chalk

4. A black and white candle

5. An item taken from a graveyard

6. Something to cut yourself

Arrange the 3 mexi-candles around the outside. One strait ahead, two at 45° angles about a foot away.

Between the three place the black and white candle. black on left. It should resemble a flying V. 

On the surface between you and the candles draw the a pentagram with a circle around it. To the left draw the Alchemy symbol for Hydrogen twice and to the right draw the symbol for sulfur once. H2S = Hail to Satan.

With that complete place the DNA item and the graveyard item in the center of the pentagram.

Light the candles (except the white one)


The saints are not just.

The power is not pure. 

White light is a falsehood.

They bear false witness to divine intervention.

Let the black candle and my blood that I have spilled decry the false doctrine of eternal promise. 

Let I live for now and this moment.

Let undefiled knowlege and clarity of thought clear my mind of abstraction. 

Let myself become one with the fire before me.

Let this pact eternally bind me to Hell

By demons be driven.

For knowlege

For power 

For today

Hail Satan 

Cut yourself enough the drip blood on to the stolen item and hair as you chant the above again. 

To finish put out the black candle with your left hand, and use spit to extinguish the mexi-candles.

Then throw everything in the garbage and never think about it again.

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Devilsadvocate666 Nov 17 '18
Hi do you know of The Contract website link I saw a story about it on television show Paranormal Witness
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Nov 18 '18
I was so fucking stoned when I did this. 

I believe I was trying to see how many faith things I could amalgamate into one post. 

And also a chemistry joke for some random reason. 

As for your question, after I killed the first homeless person I had to do another and another. 

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Nov 18 '18
This appears all in order.  

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Anna Nov 18 '18
Good. Now just get Satan's signature and it will be legally binding. Fuck some useless rituals.
Devilsadvocate666 Dec 16 '18
Thanks for the replies all interesting and helpful answered the question.
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