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ThuleDragon666 Aug 7 '18
It has often been a strange occurrence when some sorts of people come to Satanism from some literature that comes from siege culture, a website popular for neo nazis. Those that come straight from Christianity keeping the indoctrination as well.   Before you say "you are acting like this is not allowed, that it should not be tolerated" because in Satanism we should be about basic freedoms especially the freedoms we can handle and homosexuality is not dangerous just as any other sexuality; if you know how to have clean sex.   Hygiene and other factors are also very important.  What Satanists acts like a homosexual is a bad thing to be?   They might as well be a christian or muslim because at this point they are one like 999 sheep that wants to chastise the global populace instead of being among a cohort of 665 strong goats that have an open mind and best interest for humanity's joy.  opinionated, edgy, or whatever you may call me but in my opinion there is no buts....  no "dis is just unnatural" or "its PERVERSE" because that is just abrahamic nonsense.  Come to Satanism for enlightenment and power as well as to be by the side of our great lord Satanas.... not to shove any past beliefs you've had down everyone's throats and be shocked when they would rather you be christian again because we just accept the strong and the fearless (((not the other way around))).

sincerely a bisexual white male.  

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 7 '18
You may be confusing homophobia with trolling.

As a bisexual white male (that should've been a lesbian and obsesses over a transgender) I can tell you I think the LGBT folk need a little more fuck you and far less "hippie liberal bullshit".  Like the bitch fags who cry to authority to make the homophobic bakery not exercise their right to refuse service, or any pussified party line that says my queer ass can't enjoy a nice day with an AR-15 at a range. 

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ThuleDragon666 Aug 7 '18
actually these kind of people are actually genuine homophobes like they enjoy making GBLT feel so low and annoying us as much as possible.   These people genuinely would rather we all die ((even though homosexuality is eternal and will come back by many births))   as for what you think the lgbt needs,  LGBT are all about being meek!  one reason I separate from them with the GBLT is because as a GBLT you are not some fragile pinko fag that doesn't stand up for himself.  This I have been saying in my post is more of GBLT mindset because I don't take kindly homophobes and would do anything I can to be rid them from our society if I meet any in person... same with people who have such a huge problem with heterosexuals, they are just social hazards and I can't even consider any of them human because of how hard they fight sexual freedom.  also about a business refusing to serve GBLT basically just lost more customers anyways so they kind of lost a bit because they ridiculously shun out gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transexuals... that is alot of money so whatever.   To the last part I do dislike that about the LGBT "community" because they do absolutely despise guns alot of them even though a gun can be their best friend compared to the monsters in public that could desire to kill or rape them which they would still consider "human" which I would consider "beasts".   call me a hippie liberal bullshitter but at the end of the day I don't take these kind of people waltzing in acting like its satanic or natural to force people to feel like shit for their sexuality and sexual agency very kindly.   

I would rather get them fired from a job, curse them, or what ever else I can do legally because we are not far from the darkages and its about time society got better for everyone and this kind of mindset of wanting to kill all "fags" and set up chastity lines is not of satan, we would be doing him a favor be ridding these mongrels.  

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 7 '18
I don't think homophobic folk are all that insufferable. The only ones that bug me are the advocates of reparative therapy and willful suppression of tendency.  But they are now on an intellectual level with the family that tried to faith heal their cancer kid per the consensus of society.

I wanted to see and enjoyed seeing the things that made the homophobic fundamentalist angry and uncomfortable permeating pop culture

Then that became an all out war on intolerance by exhibiting the same behavior as before except now it's "all-inclusive" and if you don't imagine all the people then they will help you imagine.

The same old horde, as one might say.

On a side note, I enjoy homophobia quite a bit...

Especially telling a crazy old homophobe that's trying to save you at your place of work you consider yourself to be "transgender" and watching its crazy ass completely melt down to never be seen again. 

Anyway, I enjoy that type of intolerance. What little of it there is left.

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ThuleDragon666 Aug 7 '18
you might find it funny pathetic

I find it annoyingly pathetic, I hate homophobia because if they had power and were allowed to they would stupidly try to genocide every gay imaginable even if this is not accomplish-able under that all sexualities come back birth after birth so the only way they will accomplish this is by eliminating humanity.  Melts down to truly believing deep down that your tribe is just your sexuality, that sexuality is all that matters...  the reverse faggot and the faggot.  Disgusting, I believe Satan created us to have all of these sexualities we see throughout nature because he doesn't have anything against any of it.  its all apart of nature, meant to be "enjoyed" and has been for thousands of years.  Civilizations like ROME, EGYPT, BABYLON, and some more were very advanced cultures at the time, were not degenerate, and accepted sex hard like a bat swinging right at yahweh's face.  To these empires and nations, your people mattered!  Not what your sexuality was... that was one thing crusades and the caliphate cared about.    I carry all this and more in my mind and feel enraged how fucking garbage it is.  Unacceptable way to regard nature and act like you hold nature at your finger nails with the lack of anthropology but religious indoctrination stuck in the mind.  

AK Aug 7 '18
I wish faggots would stop acting like such faggots about their kink.
Drugs Delaney NUTZ
Drugs Delaney Aug 8 '18
I dont get that shit.

I think they want to turn the world gay because thats the only way they can reproduce.  Except broads can get cum at the cum bank and they are totally doing away with guys.  Men will be used as pack mules and such, especially if they wont be Homo. cuz thats what the butt pirates and slit lickers want.  it wasn't enough that they can marry now they want a tranny infantry batallion and ACLU Black lives propaganda. Liberal pussy shit that makes people choose to be gay.  Fucking fems. 

Anna Aug 8 '18
To the OP,
I consider this kind of rhetoric to be the act of pushing the buttons. That doesn't have to mean that those who use it are genuinely anti-something. Laughing it off works better than becoming enraged by it.

In other words, if some people want you to get angry, learn to say NO.
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