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Sexual Magicks-Satanists

Sexual Magicks-Satanists

for those who employ the use of sex magick in their rituals, or want to learn how.
Amethyst Aug 17 '18
What really is sex magic? From what I've read Its just basically thinking really hard about what you want to manifest while masturbating or having intercourse...I just wondered if there's more to it than that? It just seems like it couldn't be as easy as masturbating to the thought of a new job, pay raise or what ever it is a person wants and receiving it. if anyone who practices sex magic wishes to satisfy my curiousity and ellaborate on the subject I would greatly appreciate it :)

EdMenonymous Member
EdMenonymous Aug 19 '18
Ok.. for me it is not about obtaining anything.

For me it is an amazing  sacred connection.

You must relax and learn how to breathe... 

again how to relax and receive energy and connection on a level that allows you to see the fuckin cosmos all the way out into NOTHINGNESS if ya do it rite...

The masturbating deal is more like the easiest way for a DUDE to create a state of gnosis and cast a sigil, say while he is on a break at work or whatever...

using orgasm as a state of gnosis to cast a sigil is NOT SEX MAGICK..

it's Chaos Magick 101.. 

Hope this helps..


93 skibidoobop.. BOB BOB 

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Master Jan 2 '19
As I was taught, sex magic is about using the energy generated by sexual activity to fuel magical practice.  This usually means denying climax, unless the climax is specifically used as a part of the rite/working.

Not saying that is the only definition, but that is how it was explained to me.  Of course, my teacher could just have been keen on edging... ;) 

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