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NeoSatan Dec 16 '18
I want to cast a spell to curse someone who dishonored me and who is about to make a considerable profit on my back. How do I curse him and his family?
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 17 '18
There is also the "texting" method to consider...

A simple text message carries intent apparently.

One time, a micromanaging boss sent me home early to teach me about arrogance. So i got angry and texted something like this to a family member:

"Who does that fucking cunt think she is, bitch should know I command the forces of evil, and that cunt will regret fucking with me. By the power of all that is evil may her children die for this..." and so on...

Well it seemed to work because the next day she was all freaked out talking about dark forces. This is the magical prism power of intercepted magical data. One week after that her dyke daughter got hit by a truck on her bike. I know because she told another co-worker right in front of me, like I was supposed to hear. 

Does the Genius Loci have an ability to imform undeserving targets about text-a-curses leveled against them, or is more like a genie that goes psycho on you when your wishes are not called for, like an islamic rule of three?

Nevermind. Curse people with text message because your will carries and can manifest car accidents. 
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Anna Dec 17 '18

Quote from Albert

Let's end communication. This is the last time I will ever talk or respond to you here or anywhere. 

 You start resembling Aquino. I suggest putting everyone here on ignore except yourself.

@ NeoSatan

Casting a spell is nothing more than a psychodrama. You can write someone's name on a piece of paper and flush it down the toilet. You can make a doll and stick needles into it. You can burn candles and chant demons' names. Or whatever will make you sleep better at night. 

Anna Dec 17 '18
Disclaimer: Response not required.

Look "man." Can't speak for Canis but not caring about someone as a person means, at least in my case, not caring about someone's personal life. Who you live with, who you fuck with, where you work etc is entirely your business.

Now, when it comes to oh your so precious views. If you decide to post something in the forums, it's only natural that others will discuss it. Some people find debates to be fun. It's not about forcing you to change your views. It's a discussion for the sake of a discussion. What you decide to do with this feedback is up to you. You can choose not to respond and that's OK but making a fuss about it all and announcing to the whole cyber world that you're gonna ignore this or that person is assuming the same butthurt and petty attitude of the likes of Aquino.

The interaction with people you like is reserved for private messages. Bothering strangers and persons you're not familiar or friends with is lame. That you can have an issue with. But the forums are an open game for everybody.
Anna Dec 18 '18
LOL you said it how many times?
I'm afraid Canis, you won't get laid this time. She's after Darryl as always.
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 18 '18
Wait... sex... what? You know part of getting laid requires there be a reality element, otherwise it is called delusion. 

I think there may be a song for me afterall. 

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Brother Shamus
Brother Shamus Dec 18 '18

Image caption. 

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 18 '18
I think apathy only has a negative connotation because people are dualists.  Apatheia is advaita apathy, one way or the other. Neither positive nor negative. It lends to self control. People with alot of apatheia don't get rattled, which is why...

Ok, fuck this. I'm gonna go drink craft beer and watch reality TV. Cognitive dissonance wont find me there. 

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Anna Dec 18 '18
Isn't it that you actually have to put some effort into achieving the state of apatheia while apathy comes naturally without any effort on your part? If you don't feel any emotions, then what's there to control or detach yourself from?
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 18 '18
I guess that's the path. It's a constant fight where you fuck up a little less each time. 

Because I read a pamphlet once, I know it is not so much being without emotion as it is letting go of the need to be controlled by that emotion. 

So while apathy colloquially translates as,  "Fuck it and fuck the world", it is a pretty apparent track to, "Why do I let myself get dragged down by this world, I am going to remove myself from this pain, and in doing so learn to control my own reaction to societal abstraction and emotional stimuli.  I choose to be apart from, or apathetic to its influence on my center." 

But I also know next to shit about this shit so there is that shit to consider. 

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Anna Dec 18 '18
It's easier said than done as this lil thread experiment has shown. Can you really liberate yourself fully from your emotions? For sure, you can get less reactive in the course of time, but me thinks it's impossible to become uninfluenced by your emotions. Unpredictable life events can be overwhelming and in such cases acting out emotions can be healthy.
Anna Dec 18 '18
The sock is dead. Long live the sock.

That was a very short hiatus.
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 18 '18
This, I don't know who you are for certain and nothing personal, but this:

@OP,  you'd be wise to forget about cursing anyone - especially [innocent] family members of this particular individual. You don't sound mature enough to start fucking around with such shit.

This falsely conveys shit, keeps knowledge locked up.  The same person who thinks this shit is more likely to fall through a portal into the land of wind and ghosts. The next stop is god saying, "Kill them all and let me sort them out."  Delusions of divinity foster mental disease and promote social parasitism, one that lives so deeply in the psyche mankind is forever stagnated by its grasp. 

It deliberately obfuscates a more useful and healthy answer.  All you learn in this magical abyss is how malleable and prone to narrative incorporation, suggestion, and archetypes a mind can be.  Everyone fucks with everyone subliminally, every page of informative text scripts the experience, that's what people need to get over. That and that they have no real control. 

Nope, just options, options, and more options, but you gotta choose one of those. Many people use hard work and positivity to put themselves into situations with more advantageous options. Getting what they want will come easier than say...  choosing to piss everybody off and increase your chances of crashing into a mountain.

*** shit, I forgot what account this was, oh like it matters. ***

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 20 '18
I think more Jungian than bicameral.

Bicameral seems a misinterpretation of the conscious (speaking mind) subservience to the unconscious, and interaction between the two.  But I understand exactly what they are driving at.

Mankind has progressed meme-wise too, and also really has varied along the way in how it perceives consciousness. 

Aborigines have been genetically isolated for 50k years. They literally have 44 chromosomes, 42+2...  Everyone else is 44+2 (not counting extra x or y chromosomes) 

Actually, this Fan-made Tool Video tosses out the idea, try arguing it, fun times...

My theory is amalgamated from too many sources to count.

The "muses" so to speak are embedded in the collective unconscious and are ALWAYS a reflection of times.  "The god(s) were just" from Mesopotamia to the scientific method. Those red words have since faded from prominence, just like polytheism faded to obscurity west of India. 

No one has to do anything because it's already there, and quite honestly only a defect of having minds capable of ideology.  Whales and Dolphins have names and elephants bury their dead, that's about the closest to us on this planet it gets. They have no society for us to identify archetypes, other than Lucifer Principle typecasting.

For earlier man being so devoted to the gods in the sky made their muses far more, well bat shit hostile and religiously fearful.  The scientific method is gaining ground in the unconscious much like a religion would. The change they allude to is just the unconscious reflecting level of development and knowledge advancement. 

This is actually the entire mechanism behind aeonics.  The lyrical "46+2" that is just ahead is man reconsidering it's place in the universe, how it perceives itself in relation, and how this self-perception moves them through life. 

The next step kills all of god's special little creatures. 

In summary: The voices people hear and what they say is always within their known lexicon.

And the motherfuckers never know the god damn time.

On a side note: I don't know about others, but for me it is non-auditory auditory. It's an intetnal sometimes antagonist bitch that doesn't shut the fuck up, ever.

Have you ever tried to rape a non-auditory voice in your head?   

*** God damnit DE is Internet Explorer and Drugs is chrome. ***

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 21 '18

Sumar, Egypt, Canaan, Akaad, Judah, and so on... All competing for who gets to build the next temple on the same spot.  It seems to have really got going 3000 years ago when oratory went the way of cassettes for this new idea called writing. 

That started the Religilous age. They could now write down their wacky stories.

But that is not my argument.

My argument (theory):

Everything that is today, the jump to the technological, civilization itself, was started by the Earth's procession and axial tilt. All societies seemed to emerge from a particular area.

Here is what people usually don't know. There was a very green desert belt following the last ice age ending. Both The Sahara and The Arabian Peninsula were semi-arid grasslands (like Oklahoma) as recently as 5000 BCE, with inland seas, lakes, and everything (and will be once again next procession cycle).  

Evidence suggested everyone left for greener pastures quite literally, which ended up being; The Mediterranean Sea, The Red Sea,  The Nile, The Tigris, and The Euphrates.  Of course everyone that went east for greener pastures stopped when they got to today's Pakistan.

 They had a commom need,  to all be by the only water left. That begat your cradle of civilization.  All of them of historical note. No magical switch unless you count climate.

As successive generations were bred, a new type of adaptation came about. With language and civilization replacing spear chucking on the savannah the "habitat" people bred in prompted some evolution.

I dont think people all of a sudden stopped hearing their thoughts dictated. It actually seems similar  and possibly closer to the precognition lag. Which suggests we are on a seven second broadcast delay no one notices. Maybe language. Maybe The Matrix.

Fuck your free will

Jaynes has a circumstantial case in my mind, because it lacks the smoking gun that says, "THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE literally heard their imagination in the days of The Odessy". That the mind can still be retrained both affirms and contradicts this.

Maybe language rerouted pathways in the mind connecting precognition and the thinking agent, or deemphasized it, and the only way to bring it back is training it or LSD, and especially amphetamines.  The natural appearances of this today may be what we call schizophrenia, and maybe it has always been that way.  

That's all I got. Gonna go get pissed I can't change causality and make slow days busier, then blame the gremlins in my phone. 

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roycoolman Apr 24 '19
Hello guys, can anyone teach me black magic? i need to take someones life and im too far away.
Brother Shamus
Brother Shamus Apr 24 '19
No way to do it in person?

Spirit Airlines is pretty damn cheap, but OK.

Ok, here is what you do. 

You either take a picture of them on write their name down on a piece of paper and spit on it. Then you tear it up you are a bald bitch and that is a picture of Pope John Paul II and forcefully say what you want to happen. You can even piss on the torn pieces for extra "Mojo".  Either way flush it down the toilet. 


A more advanced one I call, "New Age Celluoid Super Voodoo".

It involves, crystals, a pop culture archrtype, graveyard something, one egg, 3 candles, and a personal belonging of the target. 

It totally works.

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Hexenmeister Apr 27 '19
there's a book called "mastering witchcraft" that has a section on cursing other people
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Nov 9 '19
There are different was to do this. There are endless amounts of spells and rituals. How I like to do it that seems most effective is to be successful and happy. That will eat them up with anger. 

If that does not work. I suggest a aluminum baseball bat  in a dark alley  . 

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