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Dagmar88 Feb 7
Hello, I know you may not get this. I was having some confusion on which demon to summon... I have seen the name Set several times this week and was wondering if this was a sign. My sons father decided to dip out of his life once again and has left me in a bind. It makes my blood boil and I would just like him to stay away forever. How would I go about doing such a thing?
Dark Enlightenment
Fuck the demon. Set is a pussy aardvark, and the little bitch brother of Osiris. So unless you want a whiny Aquino-like thoughtform...

My question is, what would feel better; conjuring bullshit to trick yourself into feeling better or hunting down the dead beat son-of-a-bitch and killing him?

Also, actions are more satanic than sentiments.

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Take things into your hands. There are no gods to pray to or give bribes. I suggest meditating on the idea of how to keep this person out of your life. Don't even bother to let them know that they are locked out, no more access to your Universe. You have power. You already have the material substance to make change.
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Luciferi Baphomet
You don't exactly summon demons. You can't exactly force that spirit to come to you. 

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