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Dagmar88 Feb 7
Hello, I know you may not get this. I was having some confusion on which demon to summon... I have seen the name Set several times this week and was wondering if this was a sign. My sons father decided to dip out of his life once again and has left me in a bind. It makes my blood boil and I would just like him to stay away forever. How would I go about doing such a thing?
Dark Enlightenment
Fuck the demon. Set is a pussy aardvark, and the little bitch brother of Osiris. So unless you want a whiny Aquino-like thoughtform...

My question is, what would feel better; conjuring bullshit to trick yourself into feeling better or hunting down the dead beat son-of-a-bitch and killing him?

Also, actions are more satanic than sentiments.

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Luciferi Baphomet
You don't exactly summon demons. You can't exactly force that spirit to come to you. 
VenusSatanas Apr 20
If you have no experience in magic (and rituals), in general, your experience in attempting summoning isn't going to bring you very good results. Its much like wanting to write a novel when you haven't even learned the alphabet, much less, how to talk yet.
Orgasmic Karmatic. Mod
Letting it get to you is only inviting negative energy into your household. Does you more harm than good and I can guarantee that nothing you "summon" is going to make you feel any better. Nor will it effect him in any kind of way. 
Dark Enlightenment
You know what, I am rescinding my skepticism and I invite everyone to welcome "evil" into their heads. 

You can become like Audrey Horne's son in Twin Peaks The Return. You can run over little kids and beat up your parents.

You need to have some "evil" reasons to call evil in. I found cursing those who don't deserve it works fine. Curse the innocent children to die of cancer and I guarentee you something will happen. You will get a stranger. 

You gotta threaten the children and such. 

There is nothing more pure than a madness that see's no kinship with the family member as you cut their fucking heads off, metaphor or otherwise. You too will want the streets to flow with the blood of the sanctified. The tears of another's hurt is a beautiful and sadistic drug once you make that transistion.

You can choose any evil societal archetype too. I chose a Twin Peaks theme.  Stranger Bob is now me and I am of the Black lodge. Granted that's mainly been using family member's emotions as leverage to kill what a high on life fuckwit would consider some intangible "spirit" that dwells in everyone. 

What follows is a double life where you notch victims in a dresser like so my tropheys on a wall.  The sorrow of loss and hurt feelings can give you enough warm and fuzzies to serve your ultimate karma.  To be the example the demonologist fucktard uses as a cautionary tale of what can follow. 

Meanwhile, you can still the cheerleader coke whore and kill the cousin they bring in on season 2 that looks exactly like Laura Palmer.  Fun things can happen in torture boxcars.

And it is also retarded because it does shit like put an "e" at the end of metaphor. 

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Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams Apr 21
Is this hyperbole? Or you sincerely believe that another entity ouside your self causes your actions or thoughts? 
Dark Enlightenment
Yes, I do now. I also believe they hover around in the eather waiting for something to call it in to itself.  It's a world where there is the secrets, and the magickkk, and all the obviously invalid causal connections and attributes I once roundly mocked are now all totally reals. 

I don't need empiracism anymore because I am spiritual. I do not need valid causal connections now because I am spirtual. I don't  need to wear protective gloves to touch exposed wires because I have faith it wont effect me because I am spiritual now.

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Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams Apr 21
Yeah, i can agree,  but i think those would be parasites ,egregores or just plain ass hole human spirits,  mostly egregores because they need to take energy from people even to exist  , much like dead man on a stick jesus. I don't think any real damon needs us for much of anything.   
Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams Apr 21
This is for the OP, i would be cautious with cursing your sons father, there could be some unforeseen consequences for cursing somone so close especially for your son.                 In general i wouldn't say you need a deity to do a curse for you, utilizing your own energy or the ether would suffice, for example,  candel magic, sidgual,  bind runes, staves,  or plain out use  your words and emotions, why do you think we say things like dont point, watch your words,  or "curseing" somone out, we even "spell" words. You see what i am saying?
Dark Enlightenment
Well it certainly isn't self conjured and representative of societal archetypes or the 'jungian' shadow so it MUST be these eggo-gores you speak of. That has gotta be it. See, spiritual! :)
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Dagmar88 May 10
Thanks guys, I was angry at the time I wrote this... I feel much better and I am just letting his father dig his own grave
Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams May 14
I hope things can work out for you. I think you made a good choice:)

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