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Farlon Feb 14 '19
Is it even possible in this world to make money without selling ones soul or sth? I want to make my money without hurting others or doing sth that has nothing to do with my true strengths. My strengths are not handicraft or smart technological understanding but creativity, art. I like to give things a pretty/fitting design.
HAXYPAHE Feb 14 '19
I think you should try graphic design. It can be relatively simple to start, but as you get better you'll have more ways of creating it, & new ideas daily. I also see you getting really into it, & spending hours on projects. Plus spend a little cash here & there on better software. That's only a suggestion. Being creative, & artisticly inclined, I'd even consider interior design, or even organizational design. The key is to get a job that you love, & don't ever forget you can always be your own boss!!
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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Feb 14 '19
Depends on what "soul selling" is counted as. Soul crushing perhaps. Here are things that I feel make money without destroying ones soul. 

* Keep in mind, people's decisions per their own volition are exempt one from being your fault. 

Drug manufacturing, trafficking, and distribution. Meth really is as easy as Breaking Bad.  Cant really stop you either. Spread out your pseudophedrine purchases among several stores if choosing to make delicious meth for people to talk to god with.

Various humaniterrorist activities. Own volition, remember. 

Abduct children in National parks that stray. Be quick and fast.  Use ambush and chloroform to reduce noise. Evacuate the catch to your isolated dismembering shed. The suggestion is have both buyers and ice coolers ready.  A healthy 70 pound kid can fetch between 50,000 and 350,000 depending on blood type. 

Think outside the box.

What do people need?

Organs.  Drugs to destroy those organs. And then more organs to replace the organs that were destroyed by drugs.

 Capitalize a niche market with very little overhead. 

You can even make the meth in the dismembering shed.

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Anna Feb 14 '19
I suggest finding some rich old woman who will support you financially in return for sexual favors. She must be old enough to die quickly. Marry her and when she dies you will inherit her fortune. You won't have to work but dedicate yourself to art. You will even afford to open your own gallery in every major city.
Farlon Feb 15 '19
Thanks @Haxypahe! I already know my music production craft :) and yeah what you named also sounds nice. How can I be my boss? How can I get a job? The problem is the transition. I live off the government and if I start earning little money it will be taken away and maybe I will lose getting money. I need to start from zero to making my living. And I so have no clue how to find a job, offering my services on an own website sounds ridiculous... doesnt it..
HAXYPAHE Feb 15 '19
If you find a regular job to succeed at that pays decent, stash away just a little cash here & there in an account or somewhere out of sight & mind. Pay your taxes, too. Come the tax return you should get a nice chunk to invest towards your future endeavors. Make a resume to list your skills & employment history to help you find a job easier. I'm telling you these things work. Gotta grind hard to get ahead in the US. I don't think you're gonna get a serious conversation on here.
HAXYPAHE Feb 15 '19
Takes time & discipline to create your future, remember that. If you have trouble finding a job, try your local WorkForce. But I think a lot of people forget they have the option to be their own boss, but it takes discipline & maturity to do it with best results.
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Farlon Feb 17 '19
I live in Germany.. Hmmm... once I am doing a job I am not trapped in it? I never did anything, just one time three days graveyard gardener. But ugh physical work is so not my strength. Why do I fear once I am doing something I am trapped in it and will have to do it for the rest of my life? Because school felt that way? I kind of never want to work the whole day. School was too bad of an experience. So only half of the day. Does that mean I can forget it already...? I don't want much in life, just to be able to afford a basic not too bad but really not special life for two people.
Farlon Feb 18 '19
I think I should be couragious or whatever enough to at least make on album and really try to make it good. It's not so much self value/worth but fear, feeling like I am supposed to feel like I can't do what is my thing anyway. Not the value of my work is what I feel isn't there but it paying. Working whatever with or without my hands: Aren't there quite many jobs today that are not so physical? Does one really need to be in the top 20% of what education one can, uhm, boast, for all of them?
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