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Satanic Romance

Satanic Romance

A group created with the intention of developing relationships in real life. Many people have met on this network. Including myself and the married couple I live with. I would start by adding info and a picture of yourself. Do not forget to include where you live an what you are looking for. 
kittykittygoboom Apr 3 '19
<a href='https://photos.google.com/...trlq.org'><img src='https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/...VeJGBExx0i8-Sg=w2400' /></a>

Bisexual. Hufflepuff. Spiritual Satanist. Amateur guitarist (Let's jam!). Experienced gamer.

Looking for many things. Someone to awkwardly attempt to chat with for a few days is fine, but I've had plenty of those.  

Someone who's vibe pulls the hidden party animal out of me would be amazing. Not too much though, because I am "trying" to be a responsible adult. 

Netflixin and chillin is always cool :)

<a href='https://photos.google.com/...trlq.org'><img src='https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/...iHg7_gkgqcoP0A=w2400' /></a>

Would love to find someone to go to metal shows with, or just chill. I warm up to people slowly. Trust is hard to come by. Would totally invite someone over for my mom's cooking without ever meeting in person before, but just because I know she could kick your ass. 

<a href='https://photos.google.com/...trlq.org'><img src='https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/...94nY92En5JlL_Q=w2400' /></a>

You've done well to brave this far. Not sure what else to say. If you can think of something I've missed, let me know :)

I'm sure I didn't do the pictures right. Worst case, there's at least a link to them. I haven't used html since myspace.

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