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malwin5 Apr 4
hi good people Hail Satan malwin5 here just joined march 2019

very awesome and great place everyone is beautiful

just to let you know i make music  which is SATANIC in the sense

of being Saturnalia Driven by The Great God PAN 

i have a channel on youtube.com

its  LUCIFERHOWLING WOLFGANG  everyone is welcome to visit the channel

and should anyone do so thank you and enjoy lol HAIL SATAN

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Brother Shamus
Some of the best devil music is the oldest. 

Even the lyrics capture true possession by evil, which I totally now believe in. I mean, even though this likely was a euphemism for alcohol.  Still, I like to believe there really is  such a thing as being irredeemable.  

Early this morning
When you knocked upon my door
Early this morning, ooh
When you knocked upon my door
And I said "hello Satan
I believe it's time to go"Me and the Devil
Was walkin' side-by-side
Me and the Devil, ooh
Was walking side-by-side
I'm going to beat my woman
Until I get satisfied

She said "you don't see why
That I will dog her 'round"
Now baby you know you ain't doin' me right, now
She say "you don't see why, hoo
That I would dog her 'round"
It must-a been that old evil spirit
So deep down in the ground
You may bury my body
Down by the highway side

Baby, I don't care where you bury my body when I'm dead and gone
You may bury my body, hoo
Down by the highway side
So my old evil spirit
Can get a Greyhound bus and ride

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malwin5 Aug 10
thats a wow Brother Shamus HAIL
Brother Shamus
Interesting thing about that song, is he purposely encouraged his persona to be conflated with that of Tommy Johnson. 

To enhance his fame, Johnson cultivated a sinister persona. According to his brother LeDell, he claimed to have sold his soul to the devil at a crossroads in exchange for his mastery of the guitar. This story was later also associated with Robert Johnson, to whom Tommy Johnson was unrelated.

Satan and being a poser are time honored traits.

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malwin5 Aug 10
perhaps, this is possible, i know that i act a particular character sometimes when making music, probably to make the experience more real y'know

its like the electric guitar is said by some be an instrument of Satan for the purposes of wooing mankind unto His ways, so i emulate The Dark One when playing electric, just for the fun y'know

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