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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Apr 13
Lets put the ' S ' back in Satanism. In the mists of a all time high population explosion of SJW's and PC Liberal activists I think it is ripe time to see something shocking. 
T.Volt Apr 13

Here's my take

Every thought has emotion attached to it. If not properly scrutinized, emotion overrides sound logic, and ideas become fanatical. We are tribal creatures, so when you threaten someone's tribal code or beliefs, they might react as if they were defending their very livelihood, because for many, it is.

The strong and weak reproduce their ideas, and behaviors. Stupidity and arrogance are trying constantly to multiply as quick as possible, while smart people are rare, because they take time to refine their lives and figure things out in a more rational way, instead of going on to the regular conveyor belt that uses people, picking them up, chewing them up, and spitting them out.

Proper scrutiny is a must.

More often than not the stupid allow this to happen to them without trying to break any real boundaries what so ever, who can't imagine the idea of allowing some chaos to take over from time to time. Yet people want change, want the predictable cycle to end, yet continue to obey the ways of irrational thought and behavior, such as those perpetuated by abstract ideas, with little to no scrutiny, but constant defense in their name.

That is where fanaticism develops, and the stupid make a pest of themselves by hindering real-world progress, be it scientific, or otherwise. It is a human cycle, and it repeats every act, time and again. Changing this is quite limited, and takes great personal dedication.

If you want a new Satanic panic, all you have to do is be a realist. The Satanic approach would be to show people the sides of reality they don't want to acknowledge, let alone take responsibility for.

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Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams Apr 13
Yes i am excited to talk about eugenics. This is something i have been pondering and researching.  We could discuss theses things for a long time and not be board.

I don't think anyone would have to do much. If top quality science and medicine didn't intervene in other  country's affairs and affliction the planet would have already delt with "over population" and there would be no "bad guy" pushing the execution button. 

If we want to create a panic or fearful view of satanism just were a shirt that says "its okay to be white " and say hail odin once in awhile. Trust me i get treated worse for my heathen beliefs then satanic,  shoot they just did a huge facbook purge of anything to do with odin, runes, or norths pagans. People are terrified of it.

Anna Apr 13
Why not do something shocking yourself, Zach? Like kidnapping children and raping them on the altar during the Satanic orgies? Or taking a gun and shooting people in broad daylight, all the while shouting Hail Satan? Think about it.
Brother Shamus

@ Norse dude

But if your heathen beliefs are rattling the concerns of the interconnected netscape and leading to censorship it is Satanic. Especially if you now make it a goal to keep pushing heathenism until it is Ragnarok and Tyr is eating the sun.

You must capitalize on the prevailing trend. 

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Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams Apr 13
Brother Shamus, how would one capitalize on this trend? I realy do think satinism is the evolved form of our old pagan roots. If the abrahamic religions never spread i think satinism under a diffrent name would have developed naturally as we became more scientific minded.

Brother Shamus

But I'm speaking more to the "severed goats head in a box".  If facebook is purging what it doesnt like you are given a clear social taboo to transgress.  Take that which creates such stir and rub it in endlessly.  

Instead of listening to this "who cares what other people think" line and trying to be above it, fucking react.  Do something that undermines the opposition or at very least appeases that inner need to not let the aggression stand.  

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Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams Apr 13
I shared this with my husband and he told me the leader of the kindred has already got a lawyer and other independent members are as well, this agression will not stand ;)
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