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JamesSTL Chapter Head
JamesSTL Sep 21 '14

The Crystal Tablet of Set by Dr. Michael Aquino.

Hopefully Dr. Aquino doesn't get pissed that I put this on here, for he is an individual for whom I hold great respect.

From an outsiders look in, this is a fantastic introduction to the concepts of the Temple of Set, who hold that Set (Prince of Darkness) is a transcendent entity.
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antonmesmer Jun 25 '19
I would have to consider this clickbait. 

The Crystal Tablet of Set is the volume given to new I* members of the ToS. What is linked to here is just one essay that I believe is included in the CT, but the ToS (if I remember correctly) has had that essay publicly available on for decades. 
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jun 25 '19

I'm sorry, while I cant do anything about Old Eyebrows McGee and his "Insta-Blue Semi-Notable Fringe Personality" status at 600 club, I can keep this an Aquino-Free Zone. 

If you would like I can completely butcher Egyptology, conflate Set with Typhon, rewrite the history of The Church of Satan, and somehow manage to write over 1000 words on every god damn thing my vaccuous ass tackles, I will.  I can also use humor and add multiple layers of sometimes contradictory meanings in my fun prose.  Not that I would want to be Aquino or anything.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go Xeper into a Mindstar and Find Far another Mind War. 

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antonmesmer Jun 26 '19

The only problem I have with the Setian approach is that they actually believe in Set. Beyond that, I think they've generated a lot of useful material for anyone interested in Satanism (or the misused "left hand path") as a path of personal development. 

The writings of Don Webb and Stephen Flowers are useful for anyone ready to go beyond TSB and TSR. And I'm pretty sure that someone in the ToS camp is responsible for the "underground" edition of TSB floating around on the web - which gives tons of background info on TSB that no one in the CoS was going to share publicly. 

And the ToS didn't "conflate Set with Typhon." The ancient Greeks did that. 

"SET, OR SETH, whom the Greeks called Typhon..." - History of the Devil, by Paul Carus, [1900]

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jun 26 '19
And the ToS didn't "conflate Set with Typhon." The ancient Greeks did that.

Actually it works like how people doing impersonations of Christopher Walken do (did?) Kevin Spacey doing Christopher Walken.

What happen was: Set started off as a bitch younger brother of Osiris and god of "Desert and Storms". Not the raging leviathan of envy it latter became. He was nothing too important at first.

Consider the Norse, which actually a better example. Originally Norse mythology had no conception of afterlife beyond; "Noble warriors go to Valhalla, they rest of us just die and that is it". 

Christian influence then rubbed off and christianized their beliefs. After that EVERYONE got an afterlife. In this way, the role of Set significantly changed as the role of OSIRIS changed.

The commonalities between Set and Typhon arose later. Towards the END of Ancient Egypt Osiris was the most worshipped god, with Set evolving into a more Typhon like (adversarial) role.. 

The role of trying to overthrow god. Typhon went after Zeus, Set was the jealous younger brother that killed Osiris.  Even then Set's importance was second or third fiddle to Osiris. There was also significant JC influence on both Greek and Egyptian myth.  

So let me rephrase what I said as, "cannot understand morphology within interacting belief systems".

* You find humor with Anton as Osiris circa 1975.  

** For disclosure, I have a problem with folk like Aquino who mislead or seriously don't understand what "projection of internal dialog" is and pedal that as a connection with an AIWASS-like muse to gain Theistic Prophet Occultnik noteriety with.

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antonmesmer Jun 26 '19
I don't know what Aquino's actual experience was - for all I know, it was a conscious forgery - but I've done the channeling thing before, on accident, and I wouldn't describe it as "projection of internal dialogue." 

You can generate content from the unconscious in the form of something like channeling, or automatic writing, and it's (for me) a stream of consciousness thing, like a dream. It's coming from you, but you have no idea what's going to come up until it does. 

I think it's an interesting area to explore for the purpose of self knowledge and development, but it shouldn't be taken any more or less seriously than a really vivid dream.

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jun 26 '19
Channeling is weird. 

As someone I knew once put it, 

It's like Mother Abigail is telling me something, but I can never be certain if I cant trust it or not.

In fact, in my mind I am channeling "her" right now.

"Shut up, and don't fucking talk about me", she might say. 

Whether named; Set, Aiwass, Jorge, or Cthulhu not a god damn one of them can tell you the current time.  Major glitch for me.

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antonmesmer Jun 26 '19
I didn't hear voices. And I didn't consciously know what "it" was thinking, or was going to say. It just came out. That's why I compare it to dreaming. 

You know that it's your brain generating the actual content, but while you're dreaming, you have no idea what the other "people" in your dream are going to do or say next. 

The "trust" thing is an interesting point because your unconscious creations (channeled or in a dream state) can lie to you, argue with you, threaten you, whatever. 

antonmesmer Jun 26 '19
There's an interesting (to me, anyway) therapeutic application of communicating with the unconscious in a more basic way. The technique, developed by Bob Burns, is called "The Swan." In psych terms, this is an ideomotor response. It works on the same principle as a Ouija board.

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