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MickBynes Jun 6

Some questions about this.  What's the significance of it?  Which kind of Satanic people wear this?  I ordered a pentagram and inverted crucifix chain in 2012 from a company based in NJ.  It has a pentagram on top and an inverted crucifix on the bottom.  I forgot the name of the company, but they are now defunct.  I ordered 2 of them that year. 

The first one I ordered unfortunately broke at a metal show I attended with friends.  One of my crazy friends intentionally (or unintentionally, I'll never know for sure) broke it as he ran into a mosh pit.  He ran, pushed me out the way (he's a super strong guy) and his hand happened to break the chain.  He's not a Satanist, he's more of a hippie/prog rock/thrash metal guy, he's a bit odd.  However, he's a cool guy and I have nothing against him.  In case you're wondering, we saw Death to All and Gorguts live in NYC.

The chain breaking occurred while Gorguts was performing, they opened for Death to All.  Anyway, then after the show I gave the broken chain to a friend and he was supposed to fix it for me.  It was a ball chain.  I wasn't too crazy about it anyway and I wanted the more normal chain.

Sadly, it never got fixed and he kept it.  Later on in the year, I re-ordered it with the regular chain.  I have a kept a hold of that for years.   I never wear it when I go to metal shows.  I have worn it in public and nobody really cares.  They don't notice it, I guess. 

So what are your thoughts on the pentagram and inverted crucifix combo chain?  I tried looking for a picture of it, but I can't find one.  If you're interested in what it looks like, I'll take a pic of it.  I kept it in a really safe place.  I have a band called Pizza Corpse (started in 2013, revived it in 2019) and I should have a photo session where I wear the chain.

Dark Enlightenment
Those who conflate wicca/freemasons and Lutherans with Satanism?
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MickBynes Jun 9

Quote from Dark Enlightenment Those who conflate wicca/freemasons and Lutherans with Satanism?

Maybe, I'm not sure.  I forgot to mention the pentagram is inverted.  Oh and my band has been renamed Satanic Lust.
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