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EpicFail TITS
EpicFail Jun 18 '19
So my family and the majority of my friends are all into the "G"od shit. I can't pretend to even understand that. 

They hear the word "satan" and immediately shut down. I must be evil because I don't share their pretend life.

somehow, risking getting disinherited, I need to defend my beliefs and practices. 

besides Christianity is boring

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jun 19 '19
Coming out as "Satanic" is exactly like coming out as queer in today's climate. It varies by demographic.

It becomes a big production with a shiny new identity.  One locked completely in image. It then sometimes treads into oppression territory, and becomes like a liberal art major's facebook page. 

It's a college-like phase. Reinventions are fairly common. If you reinvent yourself from a bible belt demographic expect rejection from those who stayed immersed in their upbringing. Of course they will have opposition. To an evangelical this is on par with saying you were gay in 1985. 

Stereotypes, herd minded people, and predisposition to faith exist. No amount of white-washing it athiest or explaining what wikipedia (CoS) says will remove the stigma. It can't be turned into a "respectful" libertine philosophy when it embodies their evil.  

It's not something that seeks acceptance anyway. In fact, if you do that "satan" actually cancels itself out, "satano-mathematically" speaking. That to the tune of:

"Yes Mrs. Parkfield, I will done be sure to get'n that mail right quick for you, Mrs. Parkfield." 

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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Jun 21 '19
i am a faggot ... there I said it. Pretty sure D.E. above me is too... but cant be positive about that yet. 
Immanuel23 Jun 21 '19
I can't personally think of any reason why coming out is necessary. If I think there's a part of my life that someone isn't going to be interested in, (or would even be opposed to enough to either discourage me or refuse acknowledging it), it doesn't seem beneficial at all to share that with them to begin with. 

What makes it seem like you should come out? At some point I ask myself if it's more trouble than it's worth, and if it would even impede the very part of my life that I am considering sharing with them

Only person that I ever felt I had to come out to about something was myself. And gosh, if you dig deep enough inside of yourself you'll always find something you gotta come out about to yourself 

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Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams Jun 21 '19
           OP.  I have found through my research so far that christianity and all institutional religions are designed to kill your mind and steal your conscience.  Christianity and all its derivatives are dangerous and should be eliminated in its entirety. That being said I don't offer any personal spiritual information unless asked or if a Christian tries to preach to me, I simply return in kind. I will wear my baphamet I will do what I want. I tend to treat this matter as a case by case issue.  You have to use your good sense of what to do and say and when.
Levi_77 Jun 23 '19
One only needs to read the first few books of the Bible to realize that it's more "evil" (and non-sensical, honestly) than the Satanic Bible or any other Satanic literature will ever be...

But honestly?  If your friends/family are too brainwashed by their beliefs that they won't even try to understand yours, I wouldn't dare waste my breath coming out to them hoping that they would understand.

Discordia Member
Discordia Aug 29 '19
My family and coworkers don’t need to know until/unless they do (like if we get lucky and our blog actually goes somewhere). As for friends, if they can’t appreciate me for who I am then they aren’t really friends.
VenusSatanas Sep 30 '19

I wrote a blog post about the positive & negative aspects of coming out to family, friends and co-workers. In most cases it's none of anyone's business, but if you are among a group of people that are understanding, it's so much better. Satanists are stuck with the 'lone wolf' syndrome because of this, but that's what you get for leaving the flock

Satanism & Family; Coming Out as a Satanist

AlexTheTerrible Mar 22 '20
I remember coming out to my parents that I was a Satanist. Can't really say it was a big mistake, well it was in the beginning. My Parents assumed I was brainwashed, which is absurd to even think of it. It took quite a long time for them to accept me for who I was.

Hell, they took me to a psychologist to clear things up. I did the right thing though, defending and rationally explaining my religion for what it really stood. At the same time that "satanic panic" you might say didn't dissipate right away.

Even though my parents would block sites based on "porn," or "occult spirituality," I was still able to access plenty of Satanic/occult literature back then. But going back to paragraph 2 on this "satanic crisis" they had to "deal with," I remember reading through Lords of the Left Hand Path. They of course barged in my room by confiscating that material, all because it was filled with quite a bit of pages on the Church of Satan and Temple of Set.

It took me to get my ass up and to stand on my two feet to argue with them on the hypocrisy that they had, claiming to be "open minded" on what I choose to do. It got to the point where I had to yell and scream to them on giving that PDF version back to me.

Nowadays I get along with my parents pretty well, I just don't discuss religion to my mom or dad. Have I personally kept my beliefs closed off from the many people that I knew in my life that I considered as friends? Yes, have I personally not given a damn to flash my sigil of baphomet wallpaper to people that Iv'e never considered friends? Yes.

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AlexTheTerrible Mar 22 '20
Personally, one is able to keep their beliefs hidden from the outside. But if one lets say is a teenager and he or she discovered Satanism around that age, it wouldn't be easy to keep it hidden in the house. Depending on how your parents are, it would be perfectly healthy to come out of the satanic closet :). However Iv'e personally encountered a lot of teens online when I was a teen, where their parents would threatened to "kick them out of the house," just because they were a Satanist. Iv'e met some where they told me that their mom and dad "disowned" them because of their beliefs.

At one point for me it almost came to that where my dad gave me the ultimatum, "either choose your philosophy or your family."  "If you choose your philosophy, we do not want anything to do with you, we won't fund your college money." I of course on the inside chose my philosophy over family. I figured though that they didn't have the balls to operate cold blooded :).

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Nov 3 '20
I'm 29... I grew up in a Religious Family, and if I had told my step father at 15 I was a Satanist he would have beat the shit out of me.
Luckily, I wasn't a Satanist at this age.
I didn't actually Join Satanism until 2017...
I eventually told my mom I worshipped Satan, and she was a little sad and didn't understand why I "Would Worship the Bad Guy in Religion"... I told her that in my life I saw clarity through Satanism and I felt like I belonged.
She didn't really push harder, but I know if I walked into my parents house with an obvious Satanic Pentagram on, my step father would banish me from the house and disown me.
That being said, I also have to deal with the fact the wearing my Satanism Toque, everyone that sees me will either Hate me, Resent me, or Judge me.
I believe there are some people that would want to beat me down if they saw me as a Satanist. It's the worst part of being a Satanist, Being judged instantly.
But, if you make it through the crowd of haters, you'll come out Stronger and you'll be prouder of yourself as a Satanist.
my parents judge me for being a satanist and are fucking assholes too lol. 
AromaticDarkness Member
I plan on staying well in the closet to everyone in my family but my son and husband. If my parents ever found out, first, they would died, second, they would come back to life crying, third, disowned and never talked to again. I love my family. I would rather hide it and enjoy them, even though I know if they knew, they would be cruel. I can be my Self in my own space without they're knowledge or approval.

edited for spelling but I probably missed other stuff
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Dark Enlightenment
18 months later answer. 

If you can get away with it, go ahead, but America isn't; Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Japan, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Austrailia, or France, so "No importance to religion" is not a majority of the population.  Ever wonder why all those "Satanic" bands are always those countries?  Like The father in Denmark absolutely elated his 9 year old son just asked for a King Diamond download is far less likely in South Dakota.

In fact, The United States is the most advanced and powerful country that is also the most religious. Same level of religiosity as Jamaica (70%)

And if the droves of idiots cheering on Trump trying to take down Q-anon and The Illuminati didn't clue you in, it should of.

There is an entitled religious current, that while not restrictive like Islam, has the same level of zealotry. 

There are a SICKENING number of Americans that truly believe God is Compulsory because a private entity, not bound by constitutional mandates, prints it on their reserve notes. Or that you have to believe in god to serve in the military, or swear to god to take an oath.  

While blue laws disappear by the day, "In god we trust" to the American is taking WAY more literally then "god save the Queen" to the British.

To the point of Holy war insurrection.

And because god warriors piss me off (see below), I gotta say that's exactly what most of those mostly fundimentalist christian dipshits thought they were doing on the 6th. Taking back their country with god on their side.

And it's going to take more then the FBI systematically reducing them to the idiot zealots they are to clear that from this country. One at least 2.5 times more religious then every one of those other ones listed.


Gonna talk about some freaky shit now, maybe someone won't die if you listen to me. 

I mean, if some cunt I pissed off online can get a bunch of fucking retards at a government facility play a bitch-ass religious harassment game with me, then it may be indicative of the ease at which religious conviction can still be used for reasons that can remain obfuscated. At times it can seem like a deliberate Psychological/psychotronic false flag holy war. But dont share that because they're programmed to call you crazy if you even think it. 

And I'm just one of many around here through the years that was fucked with by that. "Possession" is just too easy a gaslight to light when you get a gaggle of japes to talk about them at work. And always get away with it for its incredulity. They'll just laugh or fire you and say "they don't know what you are talking about"  if you call them out or threaten them.  Even if you have proof. And especially dont say "gangstalking" at any time because they are also programmed to make you feel stupid for thinking such a thing exists.  

"Okay bitch, Why did you just say 'we gotta talk about him until he thinks he is possessed by a djin? Didn't know I was 15 feet from you, did you? And since when is this fucking Islam?"

Until next episode. SBT, SBC.

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G.B. Feb 12

a few exgirlfriends have tried to "out" me several times, calling my workplace and family, but ended up only causing harm to themselves by doing that.

one exgf spoke to my very mentally ill and very christian mom, telling her everything, my altar and all the stuff i was up to. i warned her not to and that what she was about to do was stupid and would achieve nothing. it went just the way i thought. my mom didn´t believe a word, instead now being convinced that my exgf was a satanic witch in a cult who had been ordered to kill me so she could stay in the cult. now my mon was calling her workplace and pretty much everywhere else warning everyone of her and her plans to have me murdered. the word was out. it was amazing and fun to watch. my exgf begged me to make her stop. it was so fun.

one girlfriend of mine told her family. my fault, i should have told her not to. but i assumed she would know herself what a bad idea that is and wouldn´t tell them since they were very religious.

whenever i and my gf visited her brother he would try to be polite, but the tension in him was obvious. he had some sort of exorcist come round cleanse the house everytime after i left. he had a newborn daughter and was convinced his daughter was very special unlike other children, and an actual angel sent from heaven and not just a mere human being like all the other ordinary children.

his daughter would at some point after we were gone cry (like all newborns tend to do once in a while), but he took this as proof that i had brought in demons into his appartement. hence the necessary exorcism. now everytime the baby cried, had fever or anything at all, i was always my fault according to him. his daughter being an actual angel would sense the demons i had brought in. i was a good thing though, i didn´t like going there anyway and used it as an excuse to my gf that i wasn´t coming along for the visit, not wanting him to have to go through all the hassle of having to organise an exorcism every time.

so i don´t really out myself. but having friends and girlfriends, some people eventually find out anyway, and i don´t deconstruct the altar everytime someone comes round to visit. though some people know, strangely enough noone ever asks me about it. and some girls have even seen the altar and don´t get it. they ask "is that gothic?" and i just say yeah.

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