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Anna Jul 23 '19

"There are no facts, only interpretations."

Does an objective reality exist? Can we grasp it? Or are our opinions all we have?

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jul 23 '19

I tried this out. 

Does the world exist because I perceive it to, or is it a concrete thing only perceived as fake because it is filtered by the animal's sensory input? Where are the absolutes in our day to day?

So I put on a blindfold and started walking. I hit a tree branch and cut open my head. 

Alas, "trees are matter that exists in a solid state" was proven to be absolutely true".

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Anna Jul 23 '19

@T.Volt Well, you complained nobody talks to you. I posted it so that at least you can talk to yourself.

@DE Yeah sure. Yet I''m thinking about the events one didn't participate in or even if one did... can they be apprehended in an objective manner? Where is that line between bare facts and interpretations? I think we tend to distort things with our cognitive biases more than we are willing to admit.

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jul 23 '19
Apprehension of truth lies solely on the things that stay exactly the same regardless of how you lens the situation. 

And there is really nothing deeper. 

Take for example an "active shooter". Regardless of how one remembers or envisions the situation when they think of it, the objective truth is: "Homicidal man opens fire on crowd of concert goers, witnesses describe scene of horror, evidence completes coherent picture."

Many subjective opinions put together paint the truth with the common denominators. 

All truth is empirical and cannot exist in the abstract. 

The objective truth of the bible is: it was largely compiled and completed during the reign of Constantine based on historic record and carbon dating of original documents. 

In the same objective way, the oldest Judeo-Christian text is, "The Book of Ruth". No matter what anyone says about it, it remains the oldest JC text on empirical record. 


The objective truth of this thread is; A person or persons who post using an account named Anna Czereda originally posted a thread about solipsism at Satanic International Network. As far Anna goes, not even a picture of you posting as yourself could make your identity an objective truth until there is empirical evidence you are the person physically typing. 

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Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams Jul 24 '19
I think we can grasp the basic fundamentals.  In a simple form I can hold a rock and then you can hold a rock and we both agree pretty easy it's a rock.  Of course theres always that one guy that says no it's not, it a granite or whatever.  But let's be honest it's still a rock lol
Crowley56 Jan 7 '20
There are a number of theories of what our reality is.  I believe will never be able to know.  Physicists claim reality is an illusion and just bits of information.  We have the classic Christian God, the Pagan Mother Nature, the Satanic version, the we're living in a Computer Simulation, we're part of an Alien Zoo to ?  However, in our physical world things do seem quite real. 
Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams Jan 12 '20
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Jan 13 '20
TKwilliams - Please use the link HTML when posting links if they are going to appear in the first few sentences. 
Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams Jan 14 '20
No problem,  thanks for explaining it. 
Jan 3
An objective reality exists and we grasp it everyday, no matter what our opinions are. In fact, our opinions are always right, but in an always changing universe things change. So do opinions. Facts change in a relative way with opinions. Things change relatively. Reality is changing relatively with us. Reality is relatively changing with opinions. Nothing is wrong, you just have to see it the right way. 
Jan 3
The dreamscape may appear "objective" to us while we are 'dreaming', but then we wake up and it all goes away; becomes nothing; maybe a memory.
Anna Jan 3
True but a few times I remember I was dreaming about something and, at the same time, I knew that it was just a dream. A weird experience. 
Brother Shamus
Revised, but still essentially the same answer as my first one. 

Everything that is perceived are like "qubits" of matter reacting within the visible light spectrum. Photosensitive, audible, or otherwise. As even a deaf/blind individual still has visual dreams filled in by their touch or perception of reality. 

There is no knowing the world without that subjective filter. (I guess that's what you were hitting on).  

But to me the entire process of reality makes every living thing that experiences it a default AI computer program.

My sub-program in this thread as of writing this new response: 

1. Reads bumped thread = true 

2. Decides to post again = true 

3. Writes and posts supplemental comment = true 

You can only truly know the logic gates your program already went through. Currently awaiting any responses to once again read and decide to respond or not.  As is everyone else interacting with other solipsistic and subjective personalities. 

"Yesterday's history tomorrow's a mystery", in every literal sense of that. 

About the most you can know is the program you're running and what you could expect. Is it the "consequences of stupid decisions" program?  That life program has a different allotment of logic gates to pass through than the "responsible living program".   

Only difference between simulation and reality is animals have passed the existential singularity and have the ability to transition programs via awareness of position and self. We can earn our program. Bad decisions rarely culminate in having the "eat goose liver at Manhattan cocktail party = true" logic gate occurring.

Reality is a quantum computation and we passed The Turing Test. 

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Jan 5
I'm gonna buy a nice frame today and hang that on my wall.
Jan 15
What is "reality" for someone may not be "reality" for someone else. So there's more than one interpretations of the same thing. Or it is not the same thing for everyone. So each interpretation may be right from each individual's point of view. 

   Computers' function is a switch. AI would be co-operation of multiple switches. I can't even imagine of the amount of switches through which brain is functioning, human or animal. It is an enigma.

Anna Jan 15
Suppose there is a tree in front of me. I don't see a tree because I'm blind. Or I see it but I refuse to believe it exists and is right on my way. So I walk ahead and bang my head against it. I can interpret this situation in whatever way I wish but the result is pretty much the same. 
Jan 15
You're a real headbanger. Let's say we don't "meet" with the same tree. The result might be pretty much the same, but there's always a different interpretation.
Jan 16

I believe that there are 'truths' pertinent to existence, but we can only extrapolate and speculate, et cetera, as to what they might be.

The contemporary sciences(M-theory aside) provide a decent foundation from which to work from, as opposed to just pulling shit out your ass.

So a little 'interpretation' is okay, but truth is much akin to the Highlander - there can be only one, pretty much...

At least that's the way I see it, and I am a bit biased when it comes to numero uno.

Jan 18
Say No-Thing

Anna Jan 18
You're getting old, Chloe, with all those nostalgic melodies of yours.

Here, try some Polish disco:

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