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Gonzo Aug 13 '19
Greetings. So first off, my first exposure to satanism was the satanic bible. It blew my mind how I realized that I had similar beliefs for years. Anyways, so then I saw an article on the satanic temple. I was immediately drawn to them because of their activism. Now here’s my point for this discussion, LaVeyan Satanism has the 9 satanic statements and the satanic temple has their 7 tenets. I often find myself leaning more toward the 9 satanic statements then the 7 tenets. I feel like the tenets or more like humanism than satanism. I fully support TST however I don’t fully agree with everything they do. Satanism being about empowering the individual, I take parts of both versions of satanism that work best for me. Anyone else dealing with this?
Gonzo Aug 13 '19
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 13 '19
It's actually not that hard to score in the 98th percentile.  On a Stanford-Binet IQ test you have be 145+ to be top two percent.   

So anyone that can anagram banalities into its only other word is set. Also rotating shapes and changing nonsense words to every day words so you can make an easier determination. I like using cats, alive/dead, and colors. Number sequences are just fun...

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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Aug 13 '19

Thanks for inspiring my next youtube video.


1. Compassion to all living things

( Fail ) When I was the chapter head of Portland back in 2014 before I realized TST are not Satanists but left-wing liberal activists using Satanism aesthetics to push their liberal agenda, I checked em on this. They added the clause ... ' with - in reason ' afterwords.

There is no comparison, TST are a bunch of liberal activists u8sing the trappings and imagery of Satanism while waving the rainbow flag to push a political agenda. I am not at odds with their political agenda btw. I am at odds with rainbow cupcakes in the name of Satan and making a mockery ....faggotry outta a deeply held belief.

Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Aug 13 '19

Hail Satan! I am a gay liberal goth emo that works at hot topic and has massive daddy issues! Hail Satan !

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 13 '19

 in order to illustrate a totally (yet unsurprisingly) missed point. 

Point taken and you should know better than to use irony 'round here.
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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 14 '19
As a histrionic drama queen, the last part of that is somewhat par for the narcissistic course, the only mistake [the mentioned] make is running and asking mommy to come and make the other kids play nice and/or generally acting like a petulant trust fund baby being told "no".  I am surprised by its success rate in application.  

And that isn't going anywhere so long as girls can cry their way out of a speeding ticket. 

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 14 '19
Time For Histrionics:

Socialism. Heh. Maybe they have a Satanic idea after all. Sounds enough like Hell to me.

Hell? A higher standard of living really sounds like hell? 

I want to know why you all get these standard right wing conflations. (Apart from anyone concerned with a capital gains tax). Fuck the TST. They are an organized protest of Planned Parenthood in its inverse. No different from any other cause-head pseudopolitical motivated angst. But...

Yeah, damn that socialism! Such a horrible system featuring the worlds best public healthcare, standards of living, and lowest rates of unemployment, albeit heavily unionized.

You all seem to have no idea what fucking socialism is and make you yourself look like backwater rebel flag waiving hicks parroting conservative media. Especially the reasons you all pile on whiny bitch liberals. How many of you are Secretariat(s)?

TST are not socialists, not even fucking close.  Socialism is not made up of easily triggered cupcakes - which are a continuing topic of conversation at most.

 Socialists, like myself, advocate the following:

The Nordic model comprises the economic and social policies, as well as typical cultural practices, common to the Nordic countries  This includes a comprehensive welfare state and multi-level collective bargaining, with a high percentage of the workforce unionised, while being based on the economic foundations of free market capitalism.

The great part about America is individual states could instill their own versions of such a syst....

That is unfortunately dreamland (even in California) - unlike this: 

The Countries with the highest rated healthcare and their respective systems.

Canada - Universal healthcare
Qatar -  Universal healthcare
France - Non-profit national health insurance system
Norway - Universal healthcare
New Zealand - Universal healthcare
Germany - Universal healthcare
Hong Kong - Universal healthcare
The Netherlands - Universal healthcare
Switzerland - Universal healthcare
Singapore - Universal healthcare
Luxembourg - Universal healthcare
Japan - Similar to Obamacare
Sweden - Universal healthcare
Denmark - Universal healthcare
Australia - Universal Healthcare
United Kingdom - Universal healthcare

So how many of you have a fucked credit score because of a hospital bill you couldn't pay?

So to reiterate: socialists are not liberals.

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 15 '19
Would it help if I used "democratic socialism"?  Do I need to add that other word? Like what Forbes says?  I could use other countries education systems (a lot of them have free college), a higher standard for retirement, far cheaper housing market, pick one. Collective bargaining, like the wikipedia highlighted? 

Pick a way, and I can discuss how a lot of the world has a better system than "republican" America, and the states they control. Universal coverage vs. not covering abortion are worthwhile priorities after all.  

** Taking 'con' on trickle down economics is one of my favorite debates.


Flippant comment:

Health and Education aren't important in 'Merika when all those 'liberals' are whining. 

All that aside, I am really looking foward to the 2020 debates, lead-up, and election. 

How fun would it be to support Kamela Harris on these boards, right?

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 15 '19

Call it whatever you want, "The Nordic Model", if that works, we are dealing in concensus definition.

China can join North Korea.  Capitalism is state controlled.  But it works for China. There are endless nuances and semantic variations but at the end of the day, I saw another fucktarded Fox News equivocation. Anything not anti-pc is "socialist". The idiocy in the original conflation is what I am responding to. At the heart is bewilderment that you all were sold this alt right bullshit. They can't ba all Sin Jones and/or Dan Dread parrots.

Also, I am at a loss with the trend towards antiquated ideologies and much more how douchebag white pussy grabbing  privilege still has an appeal, It has to be more than "libtards are annoying".  

This must be why secretariat wore blinders... 

This caught my attention:

But as result of paying a cost

That is for the value added tax, you generally pay 15-25% off the top in taxes (and up to 55% total) in many of these mentioned economies.  There is a pride too. The myth being welfare states lead to laziness in cultures outside the US. I am thinking the ghetto and trailer park obliterate that from feasibility here.  They'd revolt worse than a switch to the superior metric system.

And then this: 

If my government is asking that I pay for yours and everyone else's healthcare out of my pocket, I have good cause to in turn insist that my government force you, then, to start taking better care of yourself in order to control costs to the tax payers.

You already do that. When was the last time you made sure your payment into social security wasn't going to drunks that start collecting at 55 so they can sit on ass and get drunk off 40's and Popov Vodka for 1600/month? SSDI, or its local equivalent? "Bipolar Disorder" counts as a disability. You should argue you are paying for a made up disease while you are at it.

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 15 '19
"It's just I find more often than not that those who argue politics for something more than fun do so because their life is shit and they can't bear to face the gnawing suspicion that the only system that made it that way was one of their own intractable fuck ups and missteps."

The grass in always greener and the devil did it. There is always an excuse or scapegoat to be had.

This is more in the style of the idealistic banter of a college dorm room.  There are several variances of western culture, and it just so happens i admire the Nordic variant. Mainly, for being in a welfare state and wanting to work simultaneously.  It is expensive to expatriate and there's no guarantee any of them have to take me.  Sweden is my best bet if they check social media. "Yaa, we love satan too, and Ghost and Arch Enemy."

I look at it like this, yes there are PLENTY of worse places to be born into. Iran, North Korea,  Syria, Sudan to start a long list.

 I just can't fully succumb to apathy. There is something in the world i see trending. Nonbelief and a much higher standard of living in a Western Culture. This keeps in mind China and North Korea's state sponsored atheismIt seems the places where atheism is over 50% inevitably have some variant of universal state support, calling it whatever you want.

Call it my grand utopic ideal, but it seems from my perspective the countries that drift away from church have a better functioning states. 

In my own generalization I see the GOP and lobbyist groups like The Christian Coalition (and by extension Red State America) as a perpetual source of stagnation. And then idealistically look to countries where god stopped being on anyone's side along time ago....  until the Muslims came.

This speaks for itself:

Countries by irreligion

So... Christians did it.

Open offer to someone from Scandinavia or most of Europe (except Poland for being 97% Christian, or Russia for being Russia) to discuss standard of living.

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 15 '19
"Are there other factors at play: such as ethics and culture? And no one's kidding anyone. This isn't about how great a country Denmark is or higher standards of living."

I once had a Danish costumer. In her words the secret of the Danish is that they are, on matters of social minutia the whiniest country on earth, and bitching is a passtime, mainly about muslims.

The reason is culturally based. 

The Danish have an open and indifferent culture. It is simply not Danish to tell someone how to be, or pass judgement on matters that do not concern them directly.  There is simply no place for anything approaching theocracy, even on an individual level. For example: The Muslim tendency to attempt to change any society they interact with to serve their sensibilities heavily contrasted with Danish values. 

I once read the core values of Denmark and they were along the lines of:

Don't think you're better than anyone.
Don't bother people with things you can handle yourself.
Don't assume other people share your values.
Don't force your beliefs on other people.

And so on in that fashion.

To which the Dane said, "Yeah, but we can still angrily bitch at each-other endlessly."

There seems to be a cultural acknowledgement that is the bitching is silly.

The culture of the US (unlike Nordic counties) is simply not idealistically christian enough to pull this off.

"To each their own" in the US means, "To each their own... so long as it acknowledges their one true god" There are for FAR too many people with power, and littering the current administration *cough* Mike Pence *cough* that think that way.

My thinking is the amoral legacy of REAL Norse legend and notorious culture carried on through its descendents.  You have a working example on how honor and morality diverge in culture, even withstanding an aggressive effort to christianize it. 

While the elephant is pointing out the shattered glass house I can't help but think indifference is superior where concern for others is relevant. 

So I shall push my "better way" despite it actually invalidating its use as an argument, logically. 

How does one push for "Don't force your beliefs on other people" without shattering those panes of glass?

And also, like the guy from Weeds, Denmark is my Shangri La.

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 16 '19
Naw, he is dutch, and I also get the feeling folk in that part of the world are fairly particular on the demonym used.  Like don't call a Belgian a Flemish and vice versa.

And be cautious of the magnificent retard.  Why not more than a few months back Shamus stumbled on the thunder of the gods, and removed him with Asgaard technology. He (or someone impersonating him) then retaliated against the wrong person.  I think he is still in a zone of exclusion somewhere learning how to not be a bitch and delete my comments.

I have since lost the thunder of the gods.

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 17 '19
You can't just make up statistics to create a false dilemma.  Even with the blackout curtains they have lower suicide rates. 

According the The WHO. 

In fact, of the highlighted countries only Japan (cultural) at 14.8 per 100,000 and Finland at 13.8 have higher rates than the US at 13.7.

Anyway, Africa and places that sound like they are in Africa kill themselves the most. That and former soviet states.

1.  Guyana - South America - 30.23

2.  Lesotho - Africa - 28.92

3.  Russia - Europe - 26.51

4.  Lithuania - Europe - 25.72

5.  Suriname - South America - 23.26

6.  Ivory Coast - Africa - 23.08

7.  Kazakhstan - Asia - 22.48

8.  Equatorial Guinea - Africa - 22.09

9.  Belarus - Europe - 21.45

10.  South Korea - Asia - 20.21

11.  Uganda - Africa - 20.0

12.  Cameroon - Africa - 19.51

13.  Zimbabwe -  Africa - 19.11

14.  Ukraine  - Europe - 18.5


30.  Japan - Asia - 14.3
32.   Finland - Europe - 13.8

34.   United States -  North America - 13.7

40.   Iceland - Europe - 13.3

48.   France - Europe - 12.1
51.   Sweden - Europe - 11.7
51.   Australia - Oceania - 11.7
53.   New Zealand - Oceania - 11.6
59.   Austria - Europe - 11.4
61.   Switzerland - Europe - 11.3

72.   Canada - North America - 10.4
72.   Luxembourg - Europe - 10.4
74.   Norway - Europe - 10.1
81.   Netherlands -  Europe - 9.6
89.   Denmark - Europe - 9.2

109.   United Kingdom  - Europe - 7.6


181.   Bahamas - North America - 1.6
182.   Antigua and Barbuda - North America - 0.5
183.   Barbados - North America - 0.4

Not to fret. The United States still leads the world in the following: GDP, military spending, arms export, arms production, nuclear arsenal, film and television production, lobbyist spending, guns per capita, homicides, rapes, auto theft, illegal drug use, pharmaceutical drug use, total crimes reported, police population, prison population, most complicated tax system, and overall debt per capita. 

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 17 '19
No, I am saying I want the society I am in to rely on some ideology more prevalent in Europe. Thoughh I agree the one in place is ultimately inconsequential to success. I really didn't have much invested in this thread. 

And not that I'm not doing well here.  In fact, when motivated to work full time here is my national ranking.  [Removed]

So I have forgotten why I was bitching... 

Fuck, this city is expensive, that is still 'low income'.

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 18 '19
Serious question: have you applied the 5 whys to this - specifically Why you want the society you're in to rely on some ideology more prevalent in Europe.

I don't even know nor care what those 5 whys are, and will continue on as before. 
I am holding this stance mainly because people always seems to argue there is nowhere where the grass is more green or going somewhere else doesn't change anything. That seems the standard America apologetic argument. 

With the current administration America appear like arrogant isolationists supporting this cry of,  "lets cut off from the rest of world and start trade wars with Canada. Fuck free trade, fuck globalization, go Merica."

I see Europe as the progression of society, America refuses, if we are going to be all "aeonic". 

I support a New World Order. I don't see anything great about Cold War Isolation.

I see the EU as a dissolution of borders and a step towards that goal. Smarter people, speaking several languages, sharing currency, and whose only current threat are arrogant muslims, and the mercy of the global economy.

For others, America is perfect. 

I just see myself as being more fit to the 50%+ atheist European culture.  Apart from no Gestapo killing me for all the shit I say I have dwindling affinity for this country.

And as trite as it is, I want as far away from Evangelical christians, and the other inbred 40% of this country that fights for truth in all red words.  I want to be the snobby pretentious European that mocks American culture like Americans mock the French.

I tried, but I have no affinity left for my default country of birth and find myself cheering acts of violence against it out of spite and wanting to mock people whose job it is to protect it. 

In short,  I want to talk shit and throw softball matches towards the proverbial NDA. 

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 18 '19

The reason for taking this trollish position, as well as all others.

Statement of Insanity: 

(And you will think I am MORE nuts after reason this, as that is how the software is written.)

I am owed and demand years of my time back that was wasted by some bitch to play mean girl/cruel intentions games (have the audacity to call it love), demand blind trust, and then slink away when their toy didn't do what it was supposed to.  I want an acknowledgement from this cunt, that is full of its own cankled privilege, that no authority in this universe allows for such an incidious and obvious breach of supposed constitutional liberties.  That these psychos operate with impunity and reward subservience is sickening.

There are tons of people littering these boards, which I am now one of, that were fucked with by domestic bitch-servants using methods very few are aware of, and left deteriorate with a tin foil hat. They influence the frontal lobe with radio signals (hertz range) and then instigate situational harassment, that further triggers the mind to talk to itself. Finally they will go and eat a sandwich and act like they don't trigger people, or push them towards whatever edge is closeby. 

All MK Ultra taught this country was how to harass its citizens and blame metal disease. And that 14.85 hertz causes irritation. And of course how to use people's superstitions against them, or to  use them to ones advantage in respect to plausible deniability. They will continue to get away with it, because they sucked the right cock for that privilege to begin with, and who could believe the detractors?

All the fucked or doomed can do is call it out and get referred to DSM. The select can fuck others to a life of mental disease, but I want my god damn theta waves back. Meaning, I want it WIDELY KNOWN what those 60's experiments taught the CIA (and others) about the nature of consciousness.  If only to permanently remove anyone's ability to use superstition as a cover for ANYTHING again. 

**This is to anyone who ever started "hearing shit", maybe it was The Old Ones ready to make you the spokeperson for their rise. Maybe you got Archangel Gabriel, maybe you named them Jorge and talk to them in videos. Perhaps one might say you got 4 or 8 heads, it varies, but regardless of how that came to pass, I can almost guarentee you, one of three people were interacting with you when it first started happening.  

For most, it fits in so well with occulty bullshit any curiosity will fuck their mind with all the shit people write. It erroneously validates superstition and keeps people stupid in the process.  Devil is a poetic scapegoat here too.

The myth being that what is classified really gives two fucks about its citizen's best interest. 

Personsally, I do not accept the world where this veil is left down, and will waste my life fighting until that is lifted or I die.

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 18 '19
Reference not got.  Could look up reference, but don't care.

They are proficient sock whores, so I wouldn't doubt it. Every so often one will drop by and play the same dumb games, posing with "esoteric" artwork by typewriters (short dude or really butch lesbian with a bleached blonde lilith cut like Alison), knowing full well they deserve to be decapitated for the way they do their bullshit. Like, show your fucking face and come direct, you fucking coward. You play like indirect cunts that need to be dismembered.

So possibly...

This brings me the seemingly unrelated "Multi-Use Conundrum". 

Person Is told they need to demonstrate valor. To demonstrate this valor they must take a chance and put belief (and somehow "love") in the benevolence of [weird online bitch] just to overcome some fear of being tricked.  You must love the snake in the story in Natural Born Killers! It will be good for you, promise! 

Person says, "that's not what you are demonstrating. You are suggesting reward for blind trust in said benevolence, when better judgement smells bullshit, based of reputation the proceeds. More likely it demonstrates gullibility, naivete, and susceptibility to manipulation".  How the fuck can you truly love an idea anyway?

Furthermore, it seems like one of those things in a movie a Christian would jerk off too.  Something more attuned the value of faith than anything one could consider brave.

And I didn't even get to make the bitch cry...

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Anna Aug 19 '19

The universal healthcare in a nutshell:

The government takes a considerable portion of your income in the form form of a health tax and, if you're lucky or not (here it means getting sick), you get one third of the sum paid back in the form of "free" health care. The more services the government offers for "free", the higher the tax. The collected money serves to cover the cost of medical care of those unemployed or those who work but don't pay taxes or live in poverty. One could say that everyone can have bad luck and face unemployment and poverty hence the need for social solidarity. But even then free health care is only theoretical. Even if the doctor appointments are free, you still need to pay for meds or rehabilitation equipment, at least partly.

The EU has its benefits, for sure. The disadvantage is other countries meddling in your domestic affairs and silly laws that do more harm than good.

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Aug 19 '19
I had forgot that I was arguing for the EU and the universal healthcare model before personality 5 trolled its way out of a paradox.   

To be honest I admire the free health system but have already seen the applicability in the US. Insurance companies make a shit load and employers are forced to foot the bill.  

Most of a europe has a VAT in place, so "free" is a misnomer as you pay for it anyway. 

Logically, in the US one could pay their own "value added tax", and buy their own private healthcare at a comparable rate.  It all washes regardless if its tax or out of pocket.  

The argument is thereby moot and the only purpose was the interjecting accusatory rant, which can remain an example of Cassandra Sydrome in the Digital Valhalla. 

Good points though, Anna.

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