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Evilishious Oct 14 '19

Hello. I am Evilishious form Austin, TX. I here to learn and become more active in the satanic communities. I found this site years ago when I was about fourteen. I have been following Zach Black's YouTube channel since I was thirteen. My friends and I would sit around and watch his videos for hours. I guess you could say Zach was my first ' crush ' . Still watch his videos all the time. Yes, and girls first crush never goes away.

Fast forward six years and here I am. I would have signed up when I turned eighteen but I wanted to develop my knowledge and experiences before I jumped in and made a ass outta myself. Which, I still may but hopefully less of one.

Not sure how much I really want to put down about my personal life here. I will say I just finished school, and I am a hairstylist looking to relocate to southern California. Austin is nice but I am over it.

So, that is all. Thanks for reading . :)

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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Oct 14 '19
Zach is lucky then. 

Not only does a hot tattooed chick (yourself) want the dude, but you are actually capable of being direct about it.. That goes a long way in the empirical world of fucking.

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Evilishious Oct 14 '19
Volt -

I am not sure what you mean when you state ' site conveniently falls apart ' . The site looks the same as I always have. This is my first time creating a account here. 

I have skimmed over S.I.N. from time to time but was under the impression this was a adult site eighteen and up. So, I never made a account. I was unaware the site fell apart. Must have not been down to long. Regardless, I was referring to the YouTube videos. Also to other social media, not so much here. And, yes I have spent a few hours a day watching Zach YouTube videos. Not everyday mind you, but at times I have had marathon here and again. He has over one thousand videos. 

I am not sure why I came at a shitty time? Sorry, your statements flying right by me. As far as having a crush on him goes, why is that hard to believe? You must not follow him on social media. If you did or if you read the comments especially on YouTube, I am one of many admirers. 

If you are in doubt of my identity maybe I will send you a private inbox message letting you know when I am in the live chat room next. I was in there for about twenty minutes but no one showed up.

 Either way I am not going to lose any sleep over it Volt. If you doubt my identity fine. Believe whatever makes you happy then :). 

 Dark Enlightenment - 

Thank you Dark Enlightenment. You know the saying ' closed mouths do not get fed '. If I was just another cyber fan girl tossing cyber panties like the other groupies he may not pay any mind. No comment on your last statement other than girls are stupid. Hopefully I can distinguish myself from others in a positive way. 

Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Oct 14 '19
@Evil. Are you the same chick who use to send me pics on facebook years ago who had purple hair?  I told you not to and to come back and talk to me when you are 18? You seem to look a lot like that person. Sorry I do not recall the name. That was like ...3 or 4 years ago. If so, you would be the first one I have ever said that to that actually DID come back when they were 18....LOL. Glad you did if that was you or actually even if it wasn't. 

Well regardless welcome. Thank you for watching my videos all these years. I am glad they inspired you in some fashion or at least stirred up a interest for you. Do I really have a 1000 videos? LOL. That is funny .....but kinda sad too. 

Check your PM please :P

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Caducifer Apr 13
Böse das war so süß du du hast hast. Ich habe nie einen Beruf erlernt, ich habe ein Patenkind in Equador und ich bezahle ihm die Grundschule. Ich selbst bin aus der Christliche exkommuniziert worden weil ich Jude bin. 
Anna Apr 13
Can't you speak damn English? 
Caducifer Apr 17
Böse you are so cute. I never learned an occupation. But I have a godchild in Equador an I pay his elementary school. I have been excommunicated from the christian Church because im jew. Thats why Im here. Because of Satan. 
Cornelius Coburn
Evilishious has left the building.
talisman Apr 27
I am not quite sure about this.
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