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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Dec 11 '19
We had this before but it died. So I will start and if you car to add to it do so. Key here is like short clips not epic movies
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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Dec 11 '19
Dracula renounces God. Make sure you turn on subtitles 

Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Dec 11 '19
Great ending that had real Satanists in on this movie which to place in 1966 ( year 1 of the age of fire and the church of Satan. This entire scene the old guy is practically reading from parts of the satanic bible and the satanic rituals. 

My favorite is just between 1:50 and 2:00 everyone doing the ' Hail Satan ' there is a sterotypical Asian taking pictures and he shouts ' Hail Satan ' too...

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 11 '19
In my mind in order for a movie to be Satanic it needs to follow an LHP premise, and I cant think of anything more LHP in TV/Film than a "Browncoat". 

In the Series/Movie/Endless Fan Fiction Firefly/"Serenity" you have the two most important pieces in place.

1. An overwhelming brainwashed majority
2. Amoral themes surrounding personal honor and kin

If you haven't seen it.

Synopses: Future earth inhabitants populated many (completely illogical) alien solar systems.  The status quo was through the Alliance, who ruled with a belief they had the best approach and everyone should feel blessed to be part of said Alliance.

You then had marginalized outer worlds that were expected to follow in blind submission despite being backwater worlds no one gave a fuck about. 

That led to a war in which people (mostly from marginalized worlds) chose to fight and die to be independent of alliance rule.  They lost.

The show follows a single ship, doing what is needed, only deferring to personal ethic in what they do to get by.  See an episode called The Train Job for a great amoral parable in which stealing from The Alliance is fine up until they find out it's a desperately needed medicine. In a later episode he gets tortured for his personal ethic to give it back. 

In any case the series/movie culminates with The crew discovering the Systems greatest threat to stability was created by a failed attempt at mind control via aerosol. This, after a reaction to the drug had the opposite effect on 0.1% of the population 1/1000.

There is a scene where the lead protagonist is willing to die so his adversary (an alliance operative tasked with serving said status quo) can see his "world without sin". The motivation of the protagonist being a desire to expose the true nature of everyone's blind submission.

Finally, I feel the choice of the word "Serenity" was an intentional subversion of god's serenity.  Throughout, "love" was cast as not something belong to a higher anything, but a human characteristic or survival.  Without some kind of passion towards something, and respect of your own possession and kin you will not survive.

It was used as antithesis to the "protection and stability" of alliance submission and painted it as existing separate from any morality.  It painted it as "innate animal love of kin" vs. "Abstract love of a higher variety". 

This was portrayed by Simon Tam destroying his alliance prosperity to save the sister he loved more than his own life.

I feel it takes love right away from god (or something not from within) and casts it in a light removed from moral/social dictate.  It exists because your an animal and universe is hostile, not because you're a special animal and the universe is a gift of _______. 

In a bullet point: I feel the writer deliberately inverted the use of serenity to decry herd mentallity.

You would have had to ignore the entire series to not see the beautiful amoral parable and line drawn between ideas and what you actually have. 

And Mr. Universe shouldn't have gotten a headstone because he was an honorless bitch that sold out his friends to the alliance for a reward before being killed with a sword. 

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Jan 4
Zach Black Owner
Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams Jan 10

This was a fun movie,

  Satanic panic.    

Apr 26
devils advocate was for me such a good movie and really changed how i viewed satanism  i really really enjoyed it
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