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Dark Enlightenment
I think there's something to the process needing to call them up to help you out with their super demon power.  

What about el poder de los santos? 

I mean if you're gonna use imaginary shit to psyche yourself out, what makes certain characters more appropriate other than some shit you've read and an aesthetic you like? 

How is calling upon the alphabetical names LaVey pulled out his page-filling ass helpful? 

If all it is is willfully deluding self with psychodrama what really makes Azalea (The Plant Demon) different than St. John-Paul-George-Ringo, The Patron Saint of Multitracking? 

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Geraldo Respuesta

Gotta play Devil's advocate.  

Certain characters have traits that are compatible with aspects of the will. If you want "X" one could find the character associated with "X" and use it as your personal ritual. It's about putting yourself in the correct mental frame of mind.  If you're vengeful what good is white-light shit gonna do you? You need payback. You want to impale their ass on a stake not sublimate your anger (into culturally acceptable expression). 

True, you can't ACTUALLY effect the objective universe, but you can swim in a sea of megalomaniac archetypes and feel the power of Al Pacino in Devil's Advocate.

And that's what possesses you. And makes it real enough.  

Benevolent ministers exude the archetype of Christ because they live it.  As such with those who take on the inverse and live it. Doesn't have to be real to have a real effect on the individual.  

By taking on the archetypes of total self-worship you trend a certain way  in approach and form thereafter. 

The most "possessd" are those with the least self control over the archetypes that now reside in their psyche. 

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Satanist since more than a decade

Quote from Tom Riddle
Quote from Satanist since more than a decade The fact there is the need to "call them up to help out" implies they are already more powerful and skilled than the summoner. 

Skilled in some areas yes but it does not follow they are more powerful. That's like saying that the doctor is more powerful than me because I'm not a doctor...
If you want to believe that.... 

I'm fairly convinced there's an inferiority complex being shown here. 
Ease out little one. 
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