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Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Dec 30 '19
I avoided reddit for a long time simply because I did not understand it and I didnt want another social media. Boy, I was wrong to do so. 

I jumped into the r/LSD group after seeing that reddit was the #1 source of views next to YouTube and partially responsible for making my viral video 30 hits of LSD!!! take off to nearly 7 million views. 

Little did I realize that I was kinda a iconoclast in the LSD community. Many over there as you can see by the comments call me ' legend '. It is quite flattering as I seriously underestimated the impact that video had on people.  I assumed it was just a video that got a chuckle ...or millions of chuckles. Come to find out several high schools banned YouTube on campus because that video was so disruptive and popular. The comments on this AMS where heart felt and rewarding to hear. 

I use to joke and say ' when I die I wont be remembered for my contributions and pushing the wheel forward in satanism. I will be remembered as the 30 hits of LSD guy '. 

But now after reading the reaction from people and stories of how the video influenced them... I am okay with that. 

Here is the AMA on Reddit.AMA ON REDDIT 

Looks like I can embed it here... cool. Ooops maybe not. 

30 Hits of LSD (Guy ) - AMA from r/LSD

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Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Dec 31 '19
Zach, Reddit LOVES you. I just checked this out. Congrats, 30 Hits Guy, on your new platform! 
Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Jan 1 '20

Quote from Baphomets Zach, Reddit LOVES you. I just checked this out. Congrats, 30 Hits Guy, on your new platform! 
Only that LSD group . The r/satanism group is flooded with TST  SJW's , Flunkies from here and people or groups of people I have clowned in the last decade. If I make any post like say .... the sky is blue. The mob will form and call me a Nazi until all the mindless goons searching for approval will start flagging me down too. 
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