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Mar 14 '20
I have been starting to watch this movie based on the serial killer John Gacy, It seems like its a pretty good movie. Basically the movie explores the mind of Mr. Gacy, and of how his mind controls him to some extent. It also shows the truth of how serial killers like him get sloppy of their methodologies.

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ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Mar 15 '20
From my understanding, most serial killers, or psychopaths are broken individuals. Some might argue that they are breaking free of societal restraints, but I argue that they are more bound (literally) by societal restraints because they were not in control of their desires.

I argue that their fucked up pasts gave them an opportunity to see the world from a different perspective but they weren't quite able to handle such mental freedom and they instead became slaves of the system.

Tkwilliams Member
Tkwilliams Mar 17 '20
I cannot remember the name of the killer in this moment but I remember what he said.  "I was walking upstairs with a girls head in my bag, a newlywed couple that lived on my floor walked by smiling and happy,  I congratulated them. In that moment I realized that two universes can exist at the same time".

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Mar 17 '20
John Wayne Gacy already has "It".  Well, no, Pennywise didn't rape his victims, but the Clown thing has been done to death, and Gacy was a repressed little bitch that doesn't deserve to even be remembered. 

Gacy In a nutshell: "I was tied to a radiator and raped repeatedly as a kid and, unfortuneatrly, that imprinted me with fucked sexual proclivity that I acted on as an adult sexualized by NAMBLA. And I now have to feed it instead of doing the world a favor and killing my warped ass". 

If only he lived in later times, internet vigilantes coulda put a bullet in him.

People like Gacy make me glad i was only pinned down by my back (Grandfather) and smacked in the back of the head while I slept like Butters. Violent abuse warps less than the sexual kind, IMO. And luckily the sonofabitch died when I was 8. 

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