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May 16 '20
Greetings, philosophically, I am sort of LaVey'an and religiously I am pagan, I do not participate in Norse Paganism, I'm a Slavic Rodnover pagan (But I am interested in Roman paganism too, mostly for the god Mars), with real love for dark aesthetics and interests in rituals and rune magic stuff. Not because I believe it will change anything on my life, that it will make me ascend or summon daemons, but just because I find it entertaining and fun. Does anyone here have experience and reccomendations about any books or any other media topicly about occultism, magic, rituals, and perhaps theology? The best I got my hands on yet is the Lovecraftian themed Simon Necronomicon.
May 16 '20
Note, I already got the Satanic Rituals and other LaVey books in my watch
Aug 23 '20
I cannot remember who it was, but anyway somebody said:
"Satanism is Paganism that has learned from its bitter experience"
Aug 31 '20
Cease this filth please.
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