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Jun 10


I have spent some time digging through the internet and even this forum to no avail about standard ritual procedures concerning Satanism so I am in hopes that some of you can help me out....

I am a 3rd degree Wiccan Priest - in my private practice I conform to a lot of general Wiccan protocols concerning ritual procedures - for a quick but semi thorough example: 

I first sweep the room of any past negativity or lingering elements with a besom chant - after that I sage a space to cleans it - after that I dragons blood a room to charge it - after that I cast a circle - after that I call the quarters (the directionals and the elements ie: north/air - south/fire etc - after that I invite deities - after that I invoke the altar ie: light candles - incense - etc - after that I state my intent - after that I do any of a number of things to raise energy such as chant - music - dance - after that I raise the cone of power and send my intent - after that I make offerings and/or sacrifice - after that I have communion - after that I have meditation/praise/reflection period - after that I then go about closing all the procedures I just named....

is there any protocol for Satanic ritual procedures? I know all practices vary - but is there some basics? I can't seem to find any information about this topic anywhere so advanced thanXies for any insight....  

Baphomets Jun 10
Jun 11

am I missing something? is procedure and tradition a joke to Satanist? Is it all just Chaos? 

seriously asking.... 

Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Jun 11
That depends on the source. LaVey satanic rituals does include some traditional things like ringing the bell turning counter-clockwise , colored candles , chalice , daggers etc. But he also does state that these things in and of themselves do not possess any inherent magical powers. They are used to condition the magician as a sort of exercise to help him suspend belief and get him in the state of mind most conducive for a magical working. 

Different ' types ' of  ' Satanists ' will have a different way of doing this according to their source and their particular imaginary friends. Those of us that see no need for this type of fantasy tend to dismiss it all as nonsense. 

You mentioned sir you could not find on the web or this network anything about satanic rituals to help with your original question .... here is a free PDF of Anton LaVey ' Satanic Rituals ' . I believe there is also one in my PDF library but it may no longer be a valid link. As of right now this one works..  Also the last half of ' the Satanic Bible ' by LaVey is almost entirely about ritual and magic. That would be a good source to and the Satanic Bible has several PDF free copies on google also in the PDF library here. 

Quote from

am I missing something? is procedure and tradition a joke to Satanist? Is it all just Chaos? 

seriously asking.... 

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I think you know more than I do, but I use Scott Cunningham's literature as reference for my rituals, also whatever I have available to me like for instance candles, paper, plants, symbolic action. . .  
Jun 12

I'm not sure why anyone would dismiss the entire traditions/procedures/rituals of magik as "fantasy" and "nonsense" - although it does help "condition the magikian" it is more about honoring their "imaginary friends" - certainly Satan isn't the sole entity in existence -  but hey I appreciate the links/references...

well versed with Cunningham - I am very well read - and thanX for sharing your methodology.... 


Dark Enlightenment
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Nov 2
Greetings! I too come from a background in traditional Craft (2* Gardnerian)w. Quick answer aa far as satanic ritual magic goes I would advise you to read The Satanic Bible by Anton Lavey and The Devil's Tome by Shiva Honey. Both works provide good examples on how you can build your own satanic ritual practice. 
Nov 3
I just want to find a way on how to destroy the invocating world of half demon half angel throught ritual process, it required me something called "The weapon of the Kurds." And a Dragon blade. The reason why I wanted to finish those bastards is that they were about to fire my soul using a butane can the time when the freemasonic witch "helped" me to access their world in order to become a half demon/half angel and that was happening because I simply failed their dream magic ritual process which was the result of my Crossroads demonic ritual I did before. So, is it possible to crumble Hell or heaven  or the shared place using those tools? Is it possible to become a Crossroads demon? What else?
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