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Jun 13 '20
Ok, so I wanted to just share a personal good book review for those interested in BDSM being used as Magickal means. Carnal Alchemy is a book written by Stephen Flowers and Crystal Dawn. The book primarily goes through the histories of S-M through the medieval period, from ancient religious rites, to the historical founders such as the Marquis De Sade that influenced the S-M subculture, as well to some occultists. It goes through S-M's Magickal interests ranging from Crowley, Gerald Gardner, LaVey, etc. The book primarily delves into how BDSM can be used as a Magickal art-form in the Dominants and Submissive's role, including the Magickal science theory behind it from the authors point of view. Other than that, it goes further into the implements that can be used, and from the authors words on his formulas. It goes further in depth of Dungeon designs and other devices explained etc. 

Overall I would recommend the book to anyone that has an interest in BDSM both Magickally and non Magickally, the book however is not a 'training how to manual,' this statement is even admitted several times in the book. It is more of a sample explanatory book from experienced well known authors that have delved in the Philosophical, Occult, Magickal Sciences, and including their knowledge of this subject. It is a well written simple short book with 8 chapters that is well explained.  

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Jun 14 '20

yeah of course - BDSM is no stranger to magik - almost every "brotherhood" I know has cords present on altars for binding and scourges for lashing even if symbolic - I personally find symbolic a half measure - these rituals and traditions are in place for a reason - not a shit show - but whatever works for the practitioner... they are most often used in initiations and elevations - it will be interesting to see their view on it so thanX for the lead   

Aug 17 '20
Thank you very much for your suggestion about this book.  
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