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Jul 31
Hello and hail to you all! 
Anyone have any recommendations on some Satanic music? My taste in styles include:

Motley Crue

Coal Chamber


Amon Amarth


Cradle of Filth

Raven Black

Iron Maiden


Psyclon Nine

Marilyn Manson

Arch Enemy

Rob Zombie

Jul 31
I don't know if this would count as "Satanic Music," but have you thought about trying Cannibal Corpse? They're a Death Metal band, lately Iv'e been falling in love with most of their albums. Their style of music though is based primarily on the extreme sides of life you might say, than your average band posing with "Satanic imagery." Dimmu Borgir is another band that I would recommend, if you are looking for the mystical imagery that they put out.

Nowadays, I hardly listen to any music that contains Satanic/Occult imagery. But I guess you might say that when I was new to Metal, some of these bands got my interest in exploring the Occult at an early pubescent age.

Jul 31
I have listened to both, as a matter of fact. Not my cup of tea, sadly enough
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