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Shawn Sep 27 '14
The Ethical Slut

A book which is truly sexually liberating.

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JamesSTL Chapter Head
JamesSTL Oct 4 '14
The link doesn't work, but I finnuh find dis one and read dis one, ya dig?
johnnywatts Chapter Head
johnnywatts Oct 4 '14
Someone definitely hangs out at Emp.
Shawn Oct 9 '14
Fixed link.
The Forum post is edited by Shawn Oct 9 '14
darknode Mar 14 '19
link not working, how can i get this book
ArcadiaCeleste666 Mar 23 '19
Excellent book along with More Than two! Life changers for me, really. It can be purchased at Amazon
hotladirl Aug 22 '19
Link to book, available to download for next 21 days


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