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Scoeri Feb 23
I've been watching some YouTube videos and there are people that sacrifice animals during their rituals. The way I see them portrat it is that the ritual works better with the animal sacrifice. I'm against killing animals unless it's for food or attacked. Which is what Anton Le Vey says in the Satanic Bible.  I know most don't sacrifice animals.  

Does animal sacrifice actually make rituals better? 

Dark Enlightenment
It does in West Africa. 

It's a village thing. The animal is ritually sacrificed and then everyone eats it. They like wild boar. 

That is actually a major source point of all magical animal sacrifice in the west. Mainly filtering through the Caribbean christian hybrid ones like Voodoo and Santeria, which both use animals and animal parts for rituals. And the superstitions of those heavily influenced all satanic chanting and rigidly prescribed rituals thereafter. As much as BTW even. 

The trope of sacrificing a live chicken is West African via Haitian Voodoo. 

But you can substitute soybean curd and sacrifice that and so long as you sculpt it into the shape of an animal first.  And it is as magically valid so long as you believe it to be equal in effect.

Another one is corn syrup in place of blood or agave nectar if you have a distaste for refined sugars. 

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Cornelius Coburn
(the preceding reply was not there last time I looked, so this is oblivious to that)

If it does then it is beyond the scope of anything I've ever done. Hands down, the proper psychoactive(or entheogen) is 'key' as far as I am concerned.

The act of 'sacrifice' may have a profound psychological effect which involves the microcosmic aspect, this in turn could 'bleed out' affecting its' macrocosmic counterpart thereby enhancing overall said ritual in a roundabout way.

Even candle color as tenuous as it may seem has a direct effect on ambient macrocosmic light energy.

So there are a few hypotheticals contained herein(this reply), but I agree with Mr. Lavey. Even if sacrifice did "make rituals better" there are superior methods to arrive at (powerful) altered states of consciousness which should be a primary concern.

Although causing 'death' for ritual may seem like a powerful tool and perhaps even creating effects that I am not privy, but it's just not something I am accustomed to, and my Liberesque ritual phase has completed and I have gone totally unconventional, aside from the mind altering substances of course.

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talisman Feb 25
Animal sacrifice does not make any ritual better. It makes it worse. A ritual is a combination of a multitude of components. All of these components should maintain their current situation of being in order for any ritual to have any possibility of success. A dead animal means a failed ritual. The participation of animals in these rituals symbolize the power which holds while the ritual is being held. By killing the animals participating in the ritual, you lessen the power of the ritual itself. 
Username333 Mar 30
If the ritual acquires you to do so you could always eat it afterwards.

So it really depends what kind of ritual you're doing and why. If it makes you uneased don't sweat it, you don't have to. 

talisman Apr 6
I have heard that the best animals for sacrifice are crocodiles and hippos.
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