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Anna Mar 4
Yeah Svalbard would be the best place for an African to cool himself. But sadly, they have no welfare there. Once unemployed or homeless, you're immediately deported. And those murderous polar bears everywhere... 
Ba Adil
Ba Adil Mar 5
Now I'm looking to collect some funds for my Euthanasia operation in netherlands, belgium or switzerland by selling one of my kidneys. The main point here is that I'm looking for any association, organisation or institute who can help me by bargaining with. Any ideas or clues please? :)
Dark Enlightenment

Coal miner? They get paid a fucking shit load up there. Of course a box of cereal costs about 17 USD, as is par for the course in these isolated areas of the world. 

The Nordic Hinterlands are friendly, but weary of demanding immigrants that don't acclimate to Nordic culture. For example, Denmark has lots of Muslims or refuges from camel-fucking countries covered in sand. Unfortunately the Danish are still sort of bitter Muslims went there and tried to change Danish culture to accommodate their touchy "haji-cube" circling asses. 

 Hajis circle Haji Cube after stoning the devil (2017) 

Luckily, Homosexuals can't be Muslim because you don't want to marry girls when they are barely old enough to ovulate and then dress them in Hazmat gear the rest of their existence, or stone them to death if they have any sense of autonomy. 

It's a religion of throwing rocks at shit. 

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Anna Mar 5
The coal mining industry is closing down, I read. And seriously, can you imagine Arabs working as miners? These are lazy folks. They would sooner send their women to work in the mines than work there themselves. And this is no joke:

Saudi women to work in mining industry

Ba Adil
Ba Adil Mar 7
I speak that way because I lost my job as a security officer and now I'm jobless I can't even find another job opportunity left for me due to some difficulties I'm facing these days and because I know that one day I will be hungry thirsty and homeless that's why I'm asking you about any tricks or tips on how to survive?
Anna Mar 7
So fo now on, you're not hungry, thirsty or homeless? Perhaps, it won't be that bad. Finding a new job can take some time. 
Dark Enlightenment
I have no idea what the job market and economy is like in Morocco. If it's like most developing countries it's a "who you know" system, sorta like working for the City of Los Angeles and being Mexican. 

But I have been there myself a few times. 

If you were in The West there a number of things that can avoid homelessness.

In one instance I had to work a 5 month semi-con (gross exaggeration) to get out of living on the street. 

First, I pretended I was suicidal and committed myself to psychiatric hospital.  About a week in there I realized addicts get more help. At first I said alcohol but then decided to switch to saying meth. I did a lot of (pre fentanyl cut coke), but I wasnt addicted to it an hadn't touched it for months, even though it's basically part of "The Food Pyramid" and form of adult recreation in San Diego. So I said a harder drug. 

During my 17 day stay I interviewed for a few residential treatment facilities based on the cost of a bed per month. The winner was 200/month. Even if They were all about 12 steps I said I can "fake it until I make it". (See what I did there?) They accepted me for 'meth' and 'cocaine' and put me on a 3-4 week waiting list. 

I then went to an outpatient "crisis house" for another 3 weeks, which was just long enough for a bed to become available. 

At this point I was faking being a friend of Bill W.  I did everything to go beyond what they asked because I did have a slight bit of guilt for completely using them. And continued to do so until I got a stable job at a military commissary.  

Which was great, because by that point I wanted to call them all pathetic invalids (irony of that aside) that needed made up ideas to do what moderation and self control can do anyway. It's still a trip that people can use a fucking doorknob as a "higher power" and STILL NEVER make the connection it's all them deceiving themselves. 

 Of course I am like "Sick Boy" in Trainspotting and can quit just to mock others with how easy it is for me, so I may have an advantage. 

And that's just one of the ways to do it The West.  Don't know what good that does for you.

I also lived in a car at rest areas and parks for 6 months 21 days about 3 years later.  

And I'll keep everyone apprised the next time it happens because it probably will.  Hopefully there will be another system to work..

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talisman Mar 10
I would definitely move to Svalbard. I was thinking about northeast pacific islands, but I'm not sure because of global warming. 
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