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talisman Mar 10
It all becomes politically engineered in a way that every individual stays enclosed in a political maze, no matter what his choice is. The choice has no real impact but only strengthens certain powers that exist outside the maze the individual is trapped in.
talisman Apr 6
they are completely unaware
talisman Apr 6
nevertheless they think they know it all
MatthewJ1 Apr 9

This topic is a bit difficult to fathom. This allegory of the maze needs some explanation. Also how can there be a political maze and political engineering? The political needs to be defined.


It seems that every human being is caught in this maze, so no one can ever get out of this maze.


Apparently there is a “they” who are completely unaware of being caught in this maze and nevertheless think they know it all. If there is a “they” then that implies the existence of a “we” or an “I” which implies a subject with objective knowledge of this maze and that the “they” are caught. This all needs to be explained. What does it mean to be caught?


There are apparently certain powers which are strengthened by choices made by human beings in this maze.


It seems the poster here is explaining the matrix, but without discussing the role of the machines?  

talisman Yesterday, 10:43AM
I liked the Matrix trilogy but the machines cannot usurp control, at least I am not referring to such a thing. 
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