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Dantalion Sep 13
In 2007-2008 I used to be a tech/installer for a satellite installation company. The whole time I worked there I maintained a multi-pronged drug habit. In September of 2008, I volunteered to go on an out of market trip to Spokane, Wa for a month because the contractors out there were flooded with appointments and times were something like a month and a half out, so corporate sent us up there to get them caught up. While I was up there, I was working insane hours, sometimes pulling 16,17 even 18 hour days. Mind you, the whole time I was up there I was smoking tons of weed and snorting Oxys from a connect I had up there (I have a story with him I may share another time). One day, I was heading to an appointment by Sandpoint Idaho, and mind you these were country roads in heavily forested areas that were very hard to find. I was looking for this turn off and was going really slow down this two lane highway and there was this truck that was behind me. I find what I thought was the right turn off and I didn’t check my side mirror because I had the double yellow line and right when I turn off BAM! Next thing I know I see two 4 wheelers flipping around on the road in front of me and this truck skid off the road in front of me. Im like “Holy fuck! I just hit a car!” I get out to see if the people were alright and also in the middle of the road is probably like 30 crushed beer cans. I go up to the car and the driver is absolutely irate. He’s yelling at me calling me a dumb fuck and what not and I tell them I’m going to call 911. When I say that the guy completely flips his script and is like “ You can’t do that. Leave the cops out of it. Let me see if my truck still drives blah blah blah. Basically he didn’t want me to call the cops. I tell him I have to because it’s company policy so I call 911. After that, due to company policy, I get the disposable accident camera we kept in the glove box and took all the pictures I could of the accident scene. I made sure to get as many photos as I could of the double yellow line as far back as I could because he wasn’t supposed to pass me (nooot my fault lolol). Some time later the cops and ambulances get there and I look over and the guy is frantic with the cops and the cops are trying to hug him and shit. It was like the guys wife died or something but it was just the guy and his buddy. Then one of them comes up to me and asks me if I’ve been drinking or using any drugs, and I’m like “uh no”. They do a field sobriety test and I pass with flying colors. They breathalyze me and I pass. Then the cop tells me that the other guy is an off duty cop for the same department they’re in and that he was in fact drinking and they have to take him to jail. I’m like OH SHIT….So my out of market trip was effectively over after that. So they fly me back to Salt Lake City and I had to talk to the main boss for our office. I was prepared for the eventual drug test so leading up to that I had the fake piss I used to always keep on my nuts because piss testing was a thing for that job. When I talked to the big boss, he told me flat out that the lawyers for the guy who I hit was trying to come after the company and me big time. So they send me out for my piss test and went to take it, I think the lady processing my piss was tipped off about why I was there (so many pro cop people in Utah) and she was eyeballing me very hard and was looking super close at my sample and even tried to smell it. So the next day when I was going back to work the boss called me in AGAIN. This time he says my sample was “a little cool” and that I had to go back to take it again. I’m thinking I’m fucked this time. I go back again, with another fake piss and this time they had a Dr. they paid to sit there and watch me as I take a piss. Luckily, I was sly with it because the fake piss I had had that little tab on the top that flips up and you can squirt the fake piss out of so I was able to flip it out real quick and I made it look like I was actually pissing (I was smooth as FUCK when I did it), and the Dr. was like “O.K, your good”. I get back out and the same lady was eyeballing the fake piss soooo hard. I look right at her and gave her the most devilish grin of lesser magic I could because I knew there wasn’t a fucking thing she could do about it and I’ll never forget the fuck you look she gave me. Not a fucking thing they could do lololol!!!!! They couldn’t sue or fire me because the accident wasn’t my fault (he crossed the double yellow line), my accident photos were on point and I passed my piss test. I often wonder what happened with that cop. I’m positive he lost his job over it. He shouldn’t have tried to drive aggressively.
Infernal Acumen
That's a crazy story. Most of the time, the police will get a bad mark in their service record. A page that says 'yeah, you screwed up' and that's pretty much the end of it. The cops get put on a 'probationary' period which basically means that they can't mess up again within 6 months or they'll have to file some REAL paperwork and hurt their career. Also, they won't be eligible for promotion during the probationary period and that is just about it.


I'm glad you were able to escape that situation without getting hit for anything. The police are out of control; also have been.

Dantalion Sep 14
If he was a good cop then I hope he just got disciplined or put on a desk job or something. I don’t see how he could still be a patrol officer if he got his license suspended if they ended up slapping him with a D.U.I. He was just out with his buddy having a few beers riding around on 4 wheelers or something. Still, with him being a cop and all he should have known better.
Infernal Acumen
They are suppose to be held to a higher standard, but they are permitted to get away with more than the regular citizenry does.


Let's be honest, "How often are the police actually helpful in comparison to how often are they a pain in the butt?"

Aborior Translatione
You can"t talk about one-two-five-O or whatever without talking about "endemic racism ", which I look at it like this. 

Take a black guy, put him in spandex, and tell him to ride a $1200 trek bike through an urban area with a lot of crime.  Then take the same bike and area, but put a white trash tweaker in a wife-beater on it and consider which one is more likely to be harrassed. The poor one that looks like he stole it. Classism more than racism.

Seems like cops just play the percentages.

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