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Dantalion Sep 15
Personally, meth is by far my favorite drug. It’s the only drug I’ll still do from time to time. Last time I used it was May of this year. I’m trying to keep it to a 3 day binge once or twice a year. It will stay that way because I physically can’t get addicted to meth. If I do too much for too long, my tendons start to hurt and I get these cramps in my forearms, neck and jaw. Because of this I’ve never gone more than a few days at a time (which is a good thing). I’ve known some people who did meth continuously for years on end that had horrible things happen to their mind and body, yet I’ve known others who have done it almost as long as I’ve been alive and they are at least functioning adults that have held a job and kept themselves afloat (they do look funny though). I wonder why that is? As far as the people who have had adverse effects, one thing they all have in common is they had problems with their cartilage going out in different parts of their body. One had his neck vertebrae fuse together and other disc problems, another had his knees go out, and the other has disc issues in the spine. All this happened at a young age too so I’m sure it’s the meth. The people who didn’t really have issues were all older and we’re doing meth for years already when I knew them. Meth is by far the most fascinating drug. I love how it goes from a crystal, to a liquid to a gas in almost an instant.
Cornelius Coburn
I tried that once. I snorted it. I had a good time hangin' around with a bunch of dudes I didn't know. I do know how destructive that shit is, so it can only be an occasional thing, but more than likely it was my first and last time.

Really the only negative side effect was that I couldn't piss normal for a day.

Aborior Translatione
Fucking hate the shit. I'll take nice pure pharmaceutical amphetamine salt any day of the week.  And it's not even close.  

Adderall doesn't destroy your brain chemicals. Meaning you can do it and not lose all your dopamine production when you come down and go to sleep. Then the next day you don't feel like total shit.  Meth feels dirty, is cut with fentanyl, the after effects last two weeks, and it destroys every part of your body. 

You couldn't pay me to do it again.  The last experience was actually so foul it destroyed the appeal of everything but nice legal cannabis.  

I hear it's addictive, but after doing it a few times in my life I can't see how someone let's a drug do that to their head. Like no pride. Please take all my dopamine and unaddled thought, I don't need that.

 I'm crazy enough without It. 

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Dantalion Sep 16
Replying to Aborier, I was prescribed Ritalin as a teenager and it really helped me in school. I know what you mean with dopamine production. I was able to keep a normal healthy sleep schedule with it. When amphetamines are taken properly and not abused they can be very beneficial to learning for sure.
Cornelius Coburn
Growing up I was first introduced to 'speed' in the form of Black Beauties, and then later on it was Crossroads - those tiny white pills with the cross on the back, hence the name. I used to love doing speed, and did the Crossroads until the connection went dry.

I remember the pink/purple hearts too, but I think those might have just been caffeine pills. Not familiar at all with any of the current stuff.

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