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Dantalion Dec 30 '21
So I’m SUPER in to music (I have probably 100 or more gigs downloaded on my I tunes), but over my whole life I’ve never listened to Elvis, until recently. Never even heard one song. Then one day out of the blue I thought of the movie 3,000 Miles To Graceland and thought I’d give Elvis a listen. I must say, Vegas Elvis…..BLOWN AWAY. If you’ve never listened to Elvis your missing out. Then I started doing a little bit of a dive on him and I’ll tell you what, that dude was off the fucking rails! Especially Vegas Elvis. I found out things like he met Pricilla when she was 14. Like, this dude was nuts. But the reason why I’m posting this in the drugs section is because Elvis was on some HARDCORE pills on some HARDCORE doses. Basically, when he died, it came out what medications he was taking and I know Morphine was one. Valium was another one. He was taking some kind of amphetamines as well. Basically, the press dug into his medical records and he was taking over 10,000 doses of all kind of medications like every year. At least that’s what I read on Wikipedia about his death. It also said that some people think it’s an exaggeration that the Drs doing the autopsy found 30 pounds of fecal matter in his intestines…. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration at all. If he was taking even 30 morphine pills a month (he was probably taking much more than that if he was taking 10,000 pills a year) then he would easily get insanely constipated if he didn’t regulate his fiber properly or take miralax. I take just 4mg of Suboxone per day and I have to ingest an entire container of Metamucil each month and 3 capfulls of Miralax each day just to stay regular. He could have easily not be in a proper fiber regimen while taking those medications and fuck up his Colon. But anyways, yea just watch some of his live performances from the Vegas era. That man was fuuuucked up lol!
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Cornelius Coburn
I used to jam with some old farts every Friday, and they played all that old stuff from the 60s on. I like the Caught In A Trap, or Fools Rush In kind of Elvis but not so much the Blue Swede Shoes, or Hound Dog type of stuff.
Dantalion Jan 3
I’ve been digging on strung out Vegas Elvis.
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Cornelius Coburn
I'm gonna check that out some time. I don't have any recollection of that. Might be more easily recognizable too if you're actually looking for that sort of thing.
donot Jan 9
Midnight train to Memphis? Fucking dantalion, won't you sniff for me?
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