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Dark Enlightenment
Because the bar has fallen off into the abyss the supporting text needs only to reiterate the words in the title itself and provide no more depth than that. So this is Satanism unintentionally summed up. 

Sock accounts that play the part of spineless indirect theist cunts need not answer, or better yet say what they actually want to for a change.  What is it about strict materialism that causes such passive-aggressive childish contempt? 

* Gotta say, the whole shtick is starting to come off like an angry Jesus warrior (minister even) using dark themes to bring superstitious retard sheep back to the flock.

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Cornelius Coburn
I wouldn't keep anything within my model that relies solely on faith and praying just seems silly. I need analogies. I need extrapolation. I need everything that a contemporary cosmology has to offer, but there even seems to be some bullshit there as well. There really isn't any escaping it.
Dantalion Jan 4
Satanism to me is Anton Laveys primary epiphany laid out throughout the course of The Satanic Bible. When the magus strata gets into specifics due to overly branching out in the doctorine, I tend not to follow it to the letter because I can see when I deep dive I believe that the magus strata contradict the core doctorine in ways. With any organized religion, I believe it’s important to not follow it step by step because if every Christian did exactly like the Bible said or every Muslim did exactly what the Quran says, then you’d have people held in slavery and mass murder, etc on scales far exceeding the extremism we see today. I believe the Church Of Satans texts go along those same lines, particularly when Peter Gilmore takes his hardcore authoritarian stances in the Satanic Scriptures. But as far as the bare bones philosophy of the Church Of Satan, that’s typically what I roll with.
Cornelius Coburn
I don't really care about Satanism, but I do seem to care about some of these forums where I can engage altered states, analyze existence and non with a little creative writing and music.
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