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To most of you who use, do you always find it fucking annoying that unexpected situations interrupt you when you plan on using?

I do and it fucking pisses me the fuck off, every fucking day when I plan on using and assuming that I have alone time to myself, I always get fucking interrupted by unexpected situations. 

Dantalion Jan 9
I don’t really use anymore (just the occasional meth binge), but when I do I usually plot my every move the entire day around when and how I’m going to take my next hit. The most common place I used is in bathrooms because that’s a place that one is expected to be alone and no one in theory fucks with you. If I’m with friends then we usually find a dope spot (drug house) and chill there. I had a girlfriend who’s dad was an executive for Union Pacific and he paid for her apartment and she turned it into a complete drug den. There was blood all over the wall by the mirror outside of her bathroom because strung out chicks hang out in front of the mirror all day and her syringes would get clogged and she would sit there for hours pushing on the plunger until SPLAT. Blood all over the wall.
Dark Enlightenment
Life is what happens when you're busy making plans to take your pretentious Japanese wife to dinner.
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donot Jan 12
You should avoid sushi bars at all cost.
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