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Geraldo Respuesta NUTZ
This must be the concept of the acausal, only with floats you wear around your arms so you don't drown in the pool. 

My mother believed in magical nonsense too.  And if I'm to believe her she made a guy retire just to save me.

I was once on juvenile probation.  And the officer was a JW faggot that hated me. He wanted to do harm and lock me away for weed. They caught on to my creatine near the end. Kept passing but because I had a trace every time... Anyway, my Mom prayed to her god that I would be saved right as he was about to lock me up until my 18th birthday. 

And this is how her god answered: 

A senior probation officer "retired for health reasons", mine was promoted, and the 32 year old woman that replaced him thought i was just a stupid stoner kid. So she gave me two weeks of crew and released me.

My Mom thought it was like some magical switch she flipped.  

Her God's kind of a dick. Though that's kind cool It was okay with using people to do things for me. 

I say shit just happened, and timing fucked with her head. Though it is like 99% of the World that will see it as related.  Wiring, what are you going to do?

All that stuff qualifies as THIS.

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donot Jun 16
That's nothing. My lesbian sister caught me doing her girlfriend. Then she told our father, but our father said it's OK because I am a boy. Anyway we used a condom so she doesn't have to do an abortion. but can she be a lesbian again? I think I destroyed her sexual ID. 
Geraldo Respuesta NUTZ
Your dad's being bred out of existence.  If there was ever anything called ideological eugenics we are seeing it.  It is a lot like a bunch of formerly singled out or bullied queens took over the NSA's super secret psychological brainwashing operation and changed all the cold war reaganite god propaganda into LGBT diversity bullshit. 

Now your dad is supposed to embrace his lesbian daughter like the families of every girl that goes to a liberal arts college. He will take her see the revamped version of Frozen where one of them becomes a snow lesbian. And damn is that a trend these days. Must have been all those guys fucking blowup dolls, or saying shit like this... In any case, It's going to go further that direction in a few weeks. 

Future!  Less babies, more dogs..

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donot Jun 18
So you see it's so simple, if you don't want the baby, use the condom. This is more than irresponsibility. It is the same thing you and I don't want to know about. 
Geraldo Respuesta NUTZ
Abortions are funnier. You can make vacuum cleaner jokes. Luckily, that option was available every time it became applicable for me. Saved me from a crying little needy shit who's shit you have to clean up for 2 years. 

If I was a father I'd probably sneak into it's room at night and beat it over the head for fun. 

"You made too much noise brushing your teeth; Bruisey". And then make it hide under a bed or something. Everyone walking on eggshells. 

And that's why abortion is good. Because you save the trauma that occurs before they catch people like me. 

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Metaphysical Exile
I always wondered why I no longer have dreams while sleeping (that includes lucid ones too), turns out magic devices are no longer working in the "NWO" as it seemed to be.

Geraldo Respuesta NUTZ
Don't let the dragon get you in that mental dungeon you're in.

For everyone not a fruitcake: 

New World Order  The Card Came (1994)

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Rune Jun 20
I honestly thought that was one of those parody tcg cards like they do with Yugioh or Pokemon.
donot Jun 20
You are fantasizing a new world order. It is a new name for an old product, because the previous stopped selling much. You are in the same world pal, the New World is only in your head. Or maybe in everybody's head too. 
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