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Dantalion Oct 26
Are you a practicing Satanist and have children? If you do, I’m curious, how do they react to your Satanism considering the stigma around Satanism in society? How do you impart your values to them, if you do at all? Im curious.
Berardo Rodriguez Member
That's the simplest task. Just take them to any Christian church  ( specially the ortodox ones,  the ones that have a lot of rules,  commandments, church order and self discipline doctrines,  and so on) , then remind them at home or on the road  of all those teachings and rules,  tell them that if they brake them nothing bad will happen to them ( like:""don't watch tv, don't wear pants,  don't eat pork,  don't stay home when there's church meetings,  keep the Sabbath,  never leave the congregation,  the mosque or the Synagogue,  don't wear tied clothing,  don't wear high hill, don't drink beers or any alcoholic beverages,  don't  dance,  don't go to the movies theater,  give away your money to the church and lear to be poor, don'tbe rich, ,  pay your tieth and offering , don't kiss your boy or girl friend,  pray  and read the Bible every day,  etc) watch some tv with them, eat a very delicious piece of roasted pork , skip some days from church,  take them to enjoy partying with other children , teach them how to read and write,  teach them to respect others humans, animal, plants,  teach the the value of money and how to become rich without material necessity,  teach them the consequences of braking crimal laws of the place they live in and the consequences of abusing the alcoholic beverages or drugs,  teach them to be realistic, teach them to live life with joy and not with fear and to be slave to religion, teach them the different religions of the world,  when they mature give them a chance to choose,  don't force them to believe what you believe, but always to be responsible for their actions, etc. My children are big now, and I feel proud that they do what they know it's good for them,  they grew up in a very strict religious house,  and when I gave them the freedom,  URRRRRRA!!!! THEY CHOSE FREEDOM INSTEAD OF THE RELIGION THEY GREW UP WITH,  they were so tired of those " don't " that  at the very moment they felt free,  they started enjoying their freedom. Anyways,  persons who don't believe like others  ( religiously speaking) are always "Satanic " or" Diabolic " to those, so fuck them, let you children be free, but teach them to be responsible. I'm a Satanist to the bone,  I had the advantage to a traditional witch mother  who was a member of a small coven of witches and magicians,  this helped me a lot,  then , to be a religious person to survive it's easier. You can wash a pig and dress it up good for years,  but when that piggy finds a dusty pond of water,  it will enjoy it,  that's its nature,  for a Satanist it's easy to be free and to to be responsible for the actions. 
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