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Anna Nov 13
Or was that Red Tsunami? It seems the great Republican victory didn't materialize. What are your thoughts about the recent elections? In Europe it's being discussed mostly in the context of the military help for Ukraine and the fears Republicans would seriously limit it. But Biden seems to be satisfied. What about you?
Dark Enlightenment
It was funny.  

Especially Arizona.  

They had this airhead TV Anchor bitch turned Trump parrot as the GOP nominee for Governor.  The Secretary of State that was hated by her supporters for certifying the 2020 election beat her by 18k votes. The republican is tilting at windmills of fraud right now. 

I lived in Tucson for a number of years, and to learn that my former hometown (and Pima County) made that chippy conspiritard cunt lose her shit by swinging the state election in the Democrats favor brings me joy.  

In the spirit of equal opportunity I am also looking forward to The Congress of Revenge coming next. The Republicans have a small House Majority and they're about to spend two years trying to prove Hunter Biden fucks 12 year old girls. 

Psychologically speaking the GOP has become the repressed faggot marine in American Beauty.  All the queer friendly shit has made them lose their shit LGBT/SRA style. 

Very entertaining shit show coming. 

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Dantalion Nov 19
It was a very disappointing night. The sheeple only go for big promises that provide everything for them that they will never have to work for. The things that will make this country prosper don’t butter up a campaign website. I’m disappointed because now we won’t get our nukes updated. We are protected by nukes that are 40,50 years old. Even the warheads on our subs are half a century old. People don’t realize that those nukes keep countries like China from invading our shores and destroying our cities like what Russia is doing to Ukraine. We need Republican leadership to update our stockpile. Idiot Dems will sign non proliferation agreements with countries that will not honor their side of the agreement. We needs more deadlier nukes to keep the peace, not less.
Anna Nov 20
Aren't Republicans too pro-Russian? Trump praised Putin many times.
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