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Anna Jan 16
Recently, I've been watching Miss Universe on Roku, stayed up the whole night for it. I really enjoy the beauty contests. And there was the moment when its transgender owner came up onto the stage to give a speech. For the first moment, he/she/it looked like some pretty, elegant woman. You wouldn't say it's a guy until "she" opened "her" mouth to speak. And oh my oh my, it spoke like a dude. What's more funny, the whole speech was about women' empowerment.

"She" received the ovation but the reactions online weren't so favorable:

Transgender Miss Universe owner's ‘woman’ speech raises eyebrows on Twitter: 'Come on'

Any thoughts about feminist dudes fighting for female empowerment? Has the world gone to shit? Or should we just celebrate diversity?

Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Jan 16
Nothing is a surprise. Personal feelings and thoughts on any particular matter, make no difference. When it comes to society, it's best to just be numb. It is what it is and we are all just part of it. 

Tired of all the tight asses getting worked up over what they have no control over. It's sad society has come to this, but expressing feelings and thoughts is a thing of the past and just a waste of time. No one fucking cares any more... unless one goes to an extreme. 

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Cornelius Coburn

Oxy-moronic paradoxical bullshit; it's a bad dream - it's a fucking nightmare. I don't think the whole world has gone to shit. I read somewhere once in some esoteric literature that if only one person stays true to the original plan that it remains a worthwhile endeavor, or, it only takes one good person to keep the ball rolling, paraphrased, so, something to the effect.

I'm all for diversity, but I would see this as more of an abomination, but that's just me. Feminine beauty is like exquisite artwork for me with a portion being ransacked. It's a form of pollution like my muscle cars dirtying the clean air others breathe, but that's okay.

It's nothing but a subjective pipe dream being dragged kicking and screaming into the world of the objective, the world of the real, and I don't like it so I mostly ignore it, but some of the videos are entertaining, like the transgender volleyball player that spiked and broke a girls nose - they say because men are naturally stronger and it's not fair, so now some teams won't play against other teams if transgenders are present.

Dark Enlightenment
That's a lot of fucking hormones.  Sorta like putting box windows on a stucco/chickenwire piece of crap and calling it a Victorian Home. 

And that's a microaggression, Anna.  You should know better than to address it as it's birthed gender. By saying this dude is a "she" in quotes like that you have microaggressed and demeaned his identity through deadnaming. 

For punishment you will say 7 Hail Lucy's and pray over rainbow rosary beads. You will not speak ill of this dudes genuine identity or mock its XY configuration. Those are just letters anyway, like GATTACA, and they can be changed through special equality snowflake power.  And you just can't know the pain that are pronouns being misused. 

But the world craves (demands) this type of authority.  And this deep voice shim becomes a figurehead of the next "liberated" authority. Whereby the power of acceptance and tolerance goes all Nazi Germany. 

Also in Thailand children are part of their thriving sex tourism industry. So chances are this is just some warped Thai Queen that was sodomized repeatedly during puberty. 

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Anna Jan 16
DE, I have a problem with pronouns. It's neither he or she or it.

CC, I'm not really disgusted with the transgender people. I was just a little bit disappointed when I saw this "woman". I mean "she" looked charming initially and then that coarse voice. It spoiled everything.

And naw, Baphomets, where's fun in apathy? It's fun to watch what upsets people. The show itself relies on drama and controversy. I remember some time ago the controversies surrounding Miss of Poland pageant, with the accusations of sexual molestation of some candidates by the judges. Personally, I will stay interested in beauty contests no matter the controversies or scandals surrounding them. I just like pretty women parading on the stage in beautiful elegant dresses.

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Cornelius Coburn
Quote from Anna Personally, I will stay interested in beauty contests no matter the controversies or scandals surrounding them. I just like pretty women parading on the stage in beautiful elegant dresses.

Yeah you like that, I remember I was somewhat shocked a while back when you commented and gave a five-star rating to one of my blog posts, but it was only because it was a likeness of the goddess Venus adorned in a beautiful long red dress.

Anna Jan 17
Cut the videos and start posting pics of pretty chicks in stylish dresses and you will receive more thumb ups from me.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not lesbian. It's that I admire beauty. I'm particularly drawn to the images of majestic-looking females like queens and goddesses.

Cornelius Coburn
I like the music; I'm not as excessive about it as I used to be. Some of these threads are like playlists for me; CM posts a lot of music vids too. I do have an idea for a post that you might like.
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