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Dantalion Jan 26
For the past year, I have seen in the media and in Hollywood, what I believe is a return to the Satanic Panic. Two examples that jump out to me real quick as I’m writing this is the Belenciaga scandal and The Conjuring 3. I have seen many more examples through the ether, more than I can count. This fear people have against a life path they barely really truly know about perpetrated by the traditionally Christian oriented culture we have in Western society can only be assuaged by the example you set if you are a known Satanist. This way, whenever someone accuses Satanists of doing evil things, they have no known incidents to back up their claims. I think that when the Satanic Bible and Satanic Scriptures was written, the Magus was aware of this and specifically instructed people to abstain from things like drugs, even though that kind of contradicts the lifestyle of earthly pleasures Satanism is supposed to be all about. So if we all carry ourselves in a calm, respectful, manner, then that leaves people with a good taste in their mouth so that they have nothing to hang their unfounded arguments on in any attack.

Anna Jan 26
It won't help much because the claims are imaginary. Sure, there are some more liberal Christians who might learn something about Satanism and become convinced by your "example" and rational arguments but they are few and far between. Most Christians, especially of Pentecostal type, treat the Devil deadly serious. Embracing the archetype of Satan is a slap in the face for them. It scares and provokes them. And this is how it was meant to be from the very beginning. It was LaVey's intention to provoke religious people, to annoy fundamentalist bigots, to transgress their morality. Or using that fashionable and meaningless word, his aim was to trigger them.

I realize it was much tongue in cheek, done humorously but mind, it was humorous only to those who were on the inside of the joke. For Christians Satan is no laughing matter. It's the epitome of all evil. And you can't expect a favorable response from those you deliberately piss off. Otherwise, why choose Satan in the first place? Just see what it looks like. "Look people. Satan represents me! I embrace Hell! But believe me, I'm a good sweet guy. Why don't you believe me?"

Dark Enlightenment
I like the example Richie Ramirez set.  Go nightstalker! Panics are fun. 

Joking aside...

You can go onto a 90% Christian site and post wall to wall LEX TALIONIS viewpoints and they wouldn't recognize it as Satanism until it involves the name George Soros.  And I'm not really exaggerating all that much. 

Plus since The Satanic Temple started playing they are more likely to view anything "woke" as the dastardly plan of Satan.   

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Rune Jan 26
I doubt the Satanic Panic truly disappeared. There are still conspiracies floating around and it's why I'm careful to not let my folks see me on this website.
Dantalion Jan 28
I think the best example Satanists can set is being known as the people who are cool, calm, collected and calculating who think more rationally then the crazy Christians or Muslims because our belief system dictates critical thinking. I think if more people look past the malaise of fire and brimstone and more towards the critical thinking part, more people would look towards Satanists in a more respectable light.
Berardo Rodriguez Member
Real christians, muslims, jews, etc, will always see Satan or His followers, or fanatics or you name them, yes, they will always see Him or them as their enemy number one, it is because their Holy Scriptures says so, they know Satanists are wolves and not sheeps, and they know they can not change the nature of a wolf or tame it, they will be careful if they see a wolf or a pack of wolves around them , they will do whatever it takes with the commandment and the strength given to them by their God through their Sacred Books. Therefore, my precious friend , don't expect sugar from those assholes who have the Divine Commandment to kill you if you interfere with their faith in their God. Hahahaha, you must be ready to give them Hell and to put them in the Abbys . Any Satanist must know that being a Satanist is not a game, it's life or death to identify with the King of Darkness the Devil of all devils and to identify with the Prince of Darkness Satan who embody all the evil nature of the Devil to become the Devil himself and a God to those who recognize him as a God, if you are one of those who identify with Satan or Satanism, you are under the scope of those fantastic religious people who will always consider you as their ARCHENEMY. In my case, I don't worry, I already have my one-way ticket to Hell or the Abbys hahaha or any place (dust), I've already passed through all their  persecution,  insult,  discrimination,  threat,  etc,  I don't care anymore of what they can do, if they want to kill me,  let them go ahead,  but you my friends Satanists,  hide and let them fuck you,  I admire Zach Black and all those valiant persons in SIN or any Diabolic-Santanic who are not afraid of those sons of bitches, and who have come out in public in their communities,  Hail to all them, Ave Satanas. Those who are still afraid,  please,  keep your Satanism under the skirt of the sacred robes of your hypocrite prist, himan, pastor, rabi, minister, etc, and continue being a wolf dressed in sheep clothes. 
Dark Enlightenment
Christians and Muslims couldn't recognize Satanism even if it slapped them in the face with its heterodoxy.  And also most people that identify as Satanists can't recognize Satanism either.

Satanism, as exhibited publicly, is a fucking genre. I like Ghost, but for all they promote Satan have lyrics so corny and RHP I think I'm listening to Liverpool's fucking walk up song by Gerry and the Pacemakers.  I'm looking for Mohammed Salah walking to center pitch holding the crippled kids hand. 

Call out in the middle of the night
For when else would I hear you?
Fall out in the cold starlight
I can save you if you do

You will never walk alone
You can always reach me
You will never ever walk alone

But at least it's recognized as Satanism by ignorant people that don't fucking get what the LHP is. They may come away from those lyrics thinking all you have to do is call out to the moonless night sky and you'll walk beside Satan in the Kindom of Hell. 

Must be a Sweden thing...

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rigo666 Feb 3
So many beautiful women have said to me over the years that I am the epotome of a real man. I sayd to them in return that it doesn't take much for me to be a man. As long as I eat right, spend time excersizing, shaping my body, and spnd time with the ladies. The ladies desire the attention of a real man. I am a Satanist. I am a good example. 
Baphomets Mod
Baphomets Feb 3
@  Rigo. Thanks for the comedy, but who's sock are ya?
Anna Feb 4
Tracy, Baphomets. It's Tracy. She came here to show Canis her transgender pussy so that he has something to think about for the next three or four years.

She drops in from time to time, either Miss Asia or her friendly.

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Dark Enlightenment
You know, you're the only one still bringing that up. I accept the cognitive dissonance and all that.  I was almost certain. I missed on which sock was the bitches yellow one. You signed up in the right window at 600 club, sorry. 

I was trying to pick a fight with the "more authentic" (it's words, not mine) male account she had. Her one that was instantly blued.  Just wanted to call her/him out is all. The underlying motive was always about directly talking shit to the limp red haired comic-con bitch, and not be pawned off on other annoying online people that I really dont care enough about to start shit with.  But they're not around in any honorable capacity. 

I'm not even sure there's anyone around to know exactly who I'm talking about, maybe 11 years ago, but not anymore.

Hey, but thank for segue to talk unfullfilling shit. 

And in the future it's funnier to deadname the fag Brian.

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As a Satanist you shouldn't care what other people think. If someone is so concerned on trying to set a "good example" as a Satanist to the herd, then all you are doing is simply playing the good guy badge. A Satanist's only concern is his own selfish well being (that doesn't mean excluding friends or people close to you that you know). A Satanist could care less if their is going to be another "Satanic Panic."  And correct me if I am wrong if I misunderstood your post. But why follow an organization such as the COS on dictating to you on how to live your life? That's actually rather un-satanic on following what someone tells you on how to live your own lifestyle. Their is a difference between realizing that you have always been a Satanist vs. following someone's new invented stance on how a Satanist should act.
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I am in the same boat from reading Anna and Dark Enlightenments. The subject of Satanism has always been viewed as a joke dating back to when LaVey started it all. And it will always be seen as such from the public eye. But once again if you call yourself a Satanist you shouldn't give a fuck on how the public eye views your practices. Once again a Satanists only concern is himself, on how he wants to go about within his own here and now.
Cornelius Coburn
The Satanic Slice Eternity eventually recycles all personalities although the magnitude is mind boggling. Existence will always be about doing similar things over and over with magic at the core or else we wouldn't even be here.
Cornelius Coburn
Lucy and the Satanic Pie in the Sky of Isis

Satanic slices are more akin to individual perspectives rendered of a certain thing than they are individual entities in and of themselves, therefore, re-incarnation (or re-emergence) would have more to do with revolutions within eternity than individual linear iterations of specific entities.

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Dantalion May 30
@AlexTheTerrible<br />
As much as I would love to not give a fuck what others think of my Satanism, the fact is that we live in society, and living in society make one dependent on others for essential services and, in a sense, judgements. There is the very real possibility of having to go to trial one day, and if the fact that I am a Satanist is brought up to a jury consisting of Christian extremists, my beliefs and value system could very well unjustly land me in jail or get slapped with an unfair civil judgement. It’s something that certainly keeps me up at night. I’ve heard of representatives of The Church Of Satan Testifying in court regarding Satanism (as to what effect, I don’t know). So it’s been brought up before.
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Cornelius Coburn
A while back I felt a sort of complacency here and overall felt that the writing was fairly decent, and I did tell a couple people about the place, but unfortunately, there was one relative that never got their foot in the door because the initial shocker of the label "Satanism" is just too much for some to handle and is immediately elevated tantamount to the likes of Charles Manson, black magic something or other exclusively in a context of evil.

It's the label that fucks everything up (Hollywood shit et cetera) and would be better served under a different heading, but it is what it is.

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Lord Nehilus
Lord Nehilus Sep 3
I think a good example of a Satanist would be that you are someone who reject the good guy badge but on the same time also reject the evil guy embracement. You are not Satanist because you are an asshole who are using the religion as an excuse to be it but because you are your own god who have taken the name of Satan as a part of yourself because it connects you to the other like minded individuals.
Dark Enlightenment
No. You gotta be totally devilish and fight the sun for insisting on rising in the East. Honestly, all you need is to burn out on it, I promise it will happen. Both good guy badge and perennial iconoclast gets tiring. 

Eventually you gotta smack down the bitch that is your unconscious. It might not leave you alone until you behave authentically. That's knowing Satan. Dealing with the shit in your head that won't let off until you stop ignoring it. It may take some longer, way longer, than others, but eventually the bad acid trip that is your mind settles on some patch of middle ground somewhereknowing yourself slightly more. 

It says,  "It's nondual, so why are you wasting time obsessing over being a permafucked adversary. Have some fucking fun not involving pissing people off." 

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Anna Sep 4
I'm not sure whether you're joking or talking seriously this time but it's a very immature approach that doesn't take into account the long-time consequences of your actions. To put it simply, the past influences the future. If, for example, you spent long years waging domestic wars with your neighbors, then good luck with making friends with them later on. The only way to extricate yourself from the conflict will be packing your bags and moving away. To the forest preferably, where there are enough trees for you to sit under. Because people are not going to believe you that after years of being a belligerent cunt, you suddenly converted to some fucking Buddhism shit. They will continue to piss on your doormat or throwing stones at your windows until you'll be back to the beginning. 

I'm being funny now but neighbor wars are a real thing here. Some even hit the TV. The situation can escalate to such an extent that nobody can even remember how it all started, like in Romeo and Juliette. Sometimes, it gets violent. There is no way to stop it except for abandoning your home and severing the past connections. In the case of legal confrontation, even that won't work. The most amusing is the standard advice of the so-called experts commenting on the chronic family or neighbor conflicts: "People stop fighting. Shake hands, hug each other, try to understand each other." Riiight. When the hell freezes over.

What I mean here is that if you go around pissing people off for some time or you get involved in some chronic conflict, it will continue even after you change your mind and wish to stop. Because it doesn't depend only on you. The most important is the attitude of the people you pissed off. They must want to stop it too.

But let's say you're peaceful from the get go. Although many people try to go by the maxim "Live and let others live", there are still bitches who will try to drag you into their bullshit dramas even if you yourself are not going out of your way to piss them off. The ones who do not understand the word "NO" even if it's expressed in the most polite way possible. And not all matters are trivial enough to be ignored. Not everything depends on our will and our behavior. There is also the will of other people to consider. 

The Middle Way is a beautiful spiritual approach. It might even work... In Asia, that is. And among those who have been raised in that culture. In the West, no. If people think otherwise, they keep deluding themselves. Cultural differences cannot be erased. The strength of our roots ultimately defines us. You cannot be anyone you want. It took thousands of years for the non-dual religion to shape the societies of the East. The mysterious aural tradition played a huge role. How can Western clowns have the epiphany after several months or even years of searching the internet?

And what the fuck the unity of Universe and the illusion of the individual Self have to do with Satanism?

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