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MatthewJ1 Aug 2 '14

Hi, I am MatthewJ1. I am a 45 year old male recluse, happily living in the past in Sydney, Australia.


I have been more or less active in the online satanic community for about 5 years now, and I have identified as Satanic from about 1994 onwards.


My participation online has been rather limited, but basically, my time has been spent examining the philosophical, social and magical roots of Anton LaVey’s codification of Satanism, and a similar sort of enquiry into the Temple of Set.


I think the internet is best used as a tool for sharing meaning and trying to gain a deeper sense of the meaning of human experience, human nature and the nature of human society. I do enjoy having fun for sure, but if the serious enquiry doesn’t take place then participating is pointless.


My philosophical development has quite frankly led me into some areas which may seem strange to many Satanists, and the position I am developing, which I think is moving away from a conventional understanding, may cause some controversy. I hope so, as difference is of great value.


“My Satanism” which I hope to articulate in future really can only be said to contain a limited number of components.


I am a supporter of the continental European philosophical tradition, particularly the phenomenology of internal time consciousness, spoken of by Edmund Husserl, worked on by Martin Heidegger and much later by Jacques Derrida. This temporality is one of the greatest gifts.


I am also intrigued by the Philosophy of Difference, the Philosophy of Revolution and the Philosophy of Freedom. Anyway, I hope to contribute.

Anna Aug 2 '14
Hello Matthew. I remember you from the old days on 600 Club and SIN. It's really nice to see you back.
Jay Fox
Jay Fox Aug 2 '14
Great to hear from a fellow Satanist living in AU. I live in Melbourne.
MatthewJ1 Aug 4 '14
Thanks for your welcome guys!
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