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Chiron Dec 10 '17
Not defending Muslim terrorists, but those niggas blow themselves up for the chance to kill some muthafuckas.
Chiron Dec 10 '17
Stop being a terrorist and build some schools and roads and stop being an asshole.
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Chiron Dec 10 '17
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 10 '17

The "Islamic problem" first begs the question, "Are they there for balance, or are they there to be a forest fire?" Both serve as regulators within dynamic systems. Call it an aberration of observing or indication of design, but this universe and all it's complex systems have an uncanny ability for self regulation and medians. 

Outside the balance it's all meaningless and interchangeable.

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Bismuthiel Dec 11 '17
Quote from AK47 Crowd-fund a statue of Baphomet. Baphomet statues solve everything.
The only thing that Baphomet statue actually accomplished was bilking a bunch of fools out of monies they clearly didn't deserve to have.

Hmm, maybe it wasn't such a bad idea in the end.

lordbeweismittel123 Member
lordbeweismittel123 Jul 15 '18
i say personally we should prevent alot of muslims from coming into this country only because a large portion of them are isis affiliated not all but alot so instead of banning all muslims we should ban a large portion of them in the united states
AK Jul 15 '18
Taqiyya and even taqiyya about taqiyya is what makes that an incredibly over-simplified solution to a problem that may not even exist.
Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jul 15 '18
I learned a new word. 

Every religion has that self serving bullshit going for it.  If you were to ask the proverbial  "powers that be" the important point is:  "What do you add to our society?" Preference here for compliant kool-aid drinkers to be the default.  Especially in the US.  

They want people who love "freedom", believe in "democracy", vote, pay taxes, and go to jury duty. They want people who see the US as an entity of benevolance and doing an obstensive "good" for the world. They want people who come for "The American Dream".  They want people who work and do what their supposed to. They want the obedient who call belonging to one of two opinions free thought. 

Religion only comes up if you have extreme views that dont reflect the above. 

It's the only thing keeping the identity as a Shangri la of sorts. Amazingly.

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One Eye
One Eye Aug 15 '18

The problem is overblown Muslim's don't present a threat to the power structure right now and the sporadic terror attacks they do commit are probably viewed as acceptable losses in the grand scheme of things. The goal is to prop up Western population decline and continue economic growth with new blood from all over the world including the Middle East and Africa but so far they have failed to do to them what they managed to do to Christianity which is assimilating it into consumerism they didn't succeed in turning these particular third worlders into mindless shoppers and porn addicts so far and this is causing turbulence  In the end really is the fault of white's for being a bunch of Panda's who refuse to reproduce forcing the system to compensate. 

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Winterbeard Jan 4
I spent years in the middle East when I was younger,I knew nothing of islam, it was all bollox, it was created to control,that's all. Also there are different  factions who hate each other
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