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Dark Enlightenment
This has become the sociopolitical equivalent of a dubious/fallacious rhetorical argument getting torn apart in a debate. The libtard meltdown would have been fun, but this dude and his true conspiritard supporters are sort of sad and in denial.  Idiocracy 500 years ahead of schedule? 

Quote of day:

Dominion Voting Systems categorically denies false assertions about vote switching issues with our voting systems," the statement reads. "Vote deletion/switching assertions are completely false."

The statement also addresses some specific details of allegations from Trump and Gateway Pundit.

Dominion calls the claim from Trump that its machines deleted 941,000 votes for him in Pennsylvania alone "impossible."

That's because Dominion only serves 14 counties in the state, which produced a total of 1.3 million votes — 52%, or 676,000, of which went to Trump. That only leaves 624,000 other votes, fewer than what Trump claims were switched.

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"Void is Mind itself, & Mind itself is Void" - Buddha

"The more you seek security, the more insecure you are. The more you seek insecurity, the more secure you are." - Rael, an alien cult leader

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Dark Enlightenment

"To mark the second occasion, the Plymouth men mounted the head of Ousamequin’s son Pumetacom above their town on a pike, where it remained for two decades, while his dismembered and unburied body decomposed. The less brutal holiday that we celebrate today took shape two centuries later, as an effort to entrench an imagined American community."

But at least their descendents now can experience the joy that is the "Capital Gains Tax". Now the federal government just takes half.

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Nov 26
"I just died! I just died in your arms tonight! It must have been something you said."
Dark Enlightenment
"Hello nympho-nerd! Please enjoy your time here among the plethora of guys with Rob Halford stage clothes avatars!"  

Not that there is anything wrong with that. 

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Nov 26
"I'm not a nerd. I was popular in school. And all the guys liked me." 
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