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Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Apr 13 '18

Quote from Demonskull666 Satanism found me! The devil has me by the left testicle. 

It found me with churches, pastors, the other kids, and the sunday school teacher. it found me with their fascist to belong in our society you must take jesus as your lord and savior. Thats what made me pledge the destruction of the church of god.  Its not enough to make people change the way they think, I want to murder their faith in front of them..  I want to laugh in their face and say, "Haha you laughably good intentioned preacher bitch. The Devil won." 

Your head is in the right place. That is a start. I am judging by your diatribe you've had an encounter with one the fine denominations of evangelical christianity, Calvery Chapel? The designation "pastor" suggests a moonbat truth fish denomination.  

You have some options. You can either bitch on the internet, or do something real to purge your resentment.  Take it on directly. Be overt with your subversion, if that makes any sense. If it burns you at your core then it is demanding action, beyond what can be achieved on the internet. Maybe violence? Arson even. 

Purge the anger. 

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Troll Member
Troll Jan 2 '19
Earl, The question of "What made you decide to become a Satanist?" is correct  insofar as someone is insightful enough to analyze their situation and reflect on what inspired them and led them to become a Satanist. Some people just aren't that deep and they can only pretend that a litmus for Satanism is imperative and determine if the are properly conforming.

I do not believe that someone can /realise they are a Satanist/ at all. I believe i deliberately choose to be a Satanist or i have drifted into some church and drunk the cool-aid.

There is no "realising", there is only intention to be a Satanist. There are many different forms of Satanism and each of them, chosen deliberately, is sanguine, whether it's soft Satanism and hard Satanism.

As far as I am concerned, you either do or you don't. There is no "having the mental state and philosophy of a Satanist" because Satanism isn't status- or condition-dependent, but based in DELIBERATE ACTS. There is only deciding to be a Satanist and then carrying this out.
Those are my 6 sense, psychic though they may be.

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Jan 8 '19
But it's funny when a person who read a facebook post once tries to educate Troll Towelhead. 
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ch.ga May 20 '19
During a time in which I was questioning christianty I started to look on opposite views. Such as what muslims, athiests, and satanists believed in. I loved satanism after only learning the base idealize behind it.Then said fuck it there is no god and turned into a satanist.
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