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Owner/Admin Jun 17 '15

I belong to many ' Satanic ' groups on facebook. I am surprised about the level of censorship and political correctness. I am having my comments removed. I guess you can not have a different opinion than some of the admins or you get your comments down. It is one thing if you are name calling. But, if you are expressing your opinion in a respectful way WTF?

I am not even gonna bother posting anymore in ' satanic ' groups. Waste of my fucking time.

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Anna Jun 17 '15
I used to be a member of forty or fifty Satanic groups. Most of the time, I was added there by friends. I deleted all of them except three O9A related groups where I actually read the stuff there and post there from time to time. There is no point in being a member of the groups I don't participate in.

I don't have my posts removed though people get occasionally banned. You know... your group your rules and sometimes, it's just an admin's arbitrary whim.
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MisterOwl Jun 17 '15
Is it Facebook censoring the groups or the people who run the groups? I know Facebook has had issues with censoring stupid shit over the last few years. But if it's the people running the groups, that's pretty sad.
Anna Jun 19 '15
No, it's the people who run the groups.
thedeadidea Jun 20 '15
Facebook... Fuck it. 
ouijaboardbuttdial Member
ouijaboardbuttdial Jul 30 '15
The censorship seems like a big red flag. If egos are getting in the way of sharing ideas and knowledge, I would leave the group
nith Aug 1 '15

I find certain forms of censorship an interesting tool. Yes most just see it as people trying to stop others expressing their selves or binding their free will but that is only a small part of it.

When I was young and going through my teen reactionary stage I found any censorship aimed at me as an insult. Later I found it to be a good control method for both myself and others. It is also something to watch when people play the politics game (not just governments but social politics).


If a person keeps in mind the training wheel basics of “question everything” then even simple person to person conversations can be enlightening. Add to this a little self censorship while in that conversation and the other person is more likely to let their guard down and say what they actually think. In that conversation if I was to bring up basic\simple things the person said earlier and ask questions in polite way, then that that person would think I was actually interested and relax their guard a little. This is called low resistance questioning.

Misdirection basics

This is more about self censorship focus. Leaving out key words while describing something is the easiest way to misdirect or get a reactionary reply without sending physical signals it is a lie. Couple this with a mock excitement or other emotion on the topic and things can get fun.

Different techniques are used in text format like web sites and so on but it is the same basics.

Bc0203 wrote about another form of crude censorship based on mocking. Many people when they want to put forth their views and advertise the strength of them use the mocking techniques. It is too bad many of these theist vs atheist encounters revert to the same basic name calling and burden of proof come backs.

Nfwilli wrote about censorship and ego. Even though ego is a prime factor in many exchanges and online ones more so, I find many pick and choose the ego they agree or disagree with based on how the replies are worded. Even the fool based ego can reply in a way that is useful for testing the validity of what is posted here. There was an ego a while back who would just interrogate anyone new but sometimes said something of worth.

Troll Member
Troll Oct 20 '15
Moderated groups or edited periodicals cannot rationally be described as exercising "censorship". That is executed by governments to restrict citizens from publishing designated content.

Arguably every time a Satanic leader or editor exercises this moderation or editing they are DEMONSTRATING THEIR POWER and cannot be faulted for opposing your interests or those of others who are in inferior roles with respect to the forum or periodical in question. Griping because someone is being a Satanist seems a bit off-the-mark to me, perhaps misunderstanding what Satanism is about, hoping it will be more like Christianity.
Anna Oct 21 '15

Quote from FraterLuciferi Admins on facebook groups are nothing more than pathetic fools who are nothing and never will be something... They are not found only in satanic group but every occult group whatever it's satanic, wiccan, witchcraft etc. Their ego are depended on others recognition and given new knowledge that may prove they are wrong in a discussion will destroy their position in their mind and that's why they will ban you or remove your comment.

While what you say can be true in some cases, some moderation is necessary to drive idiots and trolls away and keep the discussions at some decent intellectual level. For example, in one facebook group I'm in, the owner left the group for a while, taking a break from the internet altogether, and the admins resigned their position allowing for more democracy or happy anarchy, take your pick. Soon the idiots and trolls took over and started flooding the page with dumb pictures and other stupid shit and the discussions degenerated into pissing contests. Some people had enough of stupidity and left. It wasn't until the owner returned and appointed new moderators, who deleted the bullshit and kicked out idiots, that the group became better.

Sure, there are some people who get on a power trip and abuse their mod positions, banning for example people whom they don't personally like, but moderation is necessary be it on a network like this one or a facebook group.
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Troll Oct 22 '15
It's not dangerous in the least. With blocking features and the tenuous relationship people have on social media, underestimating people (say, by seeing how they spell things, or how they put words together, or how they appear to reason in logical arguments) just makes sense, and makes one's time more efficient, or as early Satanists put it:

"Kindness to those deserving of it, not love wasted on ingrates." -- SB, LaVey

Becoming paralyzed by 'not offending trollers' is a futile condition. Youtube isn't as social as Facebook and both have issues with moderating technology.
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Anna Oct 23 '15

Quote from FraterLuciferi Anna 

What they (or you) consider as "idiots" can really be intelligent people as you don't know them... It's dangerous to underestamate people on the internet as you don't know what kind of power they can have...

People judge you all the time. Your style of writing and arguing are usually all people have when it comes to the internet. So you're judged on the basis of that. Of course, you can argue that it's unfair and that there is more to you than words on the screen but it's a moot argument. People judge you by what they see, not by what they don't see.

The website is the property of its owner. The same goes for the Facebook group, with one difference as the Facebook group admins have to comply with Facebook general terms of service. The admin doesn't owe you a penny. If you don't agree with the site or group's rules, you're free to create your own network or set up your own Facebook group.
RevMel Member
RevMel Dec 5 '15
I posted that I was in SIN on Club 600 and was deluges with negative comments, some being threatening. I was amazed and sickened, at how malevolent some peole in the community are.
Anna Dec 5 '15

Quote from Greyson Black 

How does it feel to any who will answer this to be censored? What emotions does it bring up? What thoughts? 

That depends. If you're on someone's network you have to accept the rules/guidelines/terms of service. It may suck at times but this is what you have to do if you want to stay on any forum or even in a facebook group. Their house their rules.

When it comes to the civilian policing; trying to make someone shut up via shaming or manipulation, then it's better to disregard mean comments or think about some witty retort.
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