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"Knife" Sotelo
"Knife" Sotelo Aug 15 '17
Lol I'm one of the more obvious ones ;)
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Chaos Order
Chaos Order Aug 31 '19
The new Mayhem's track flirts with Anticosmic Satanism.


Zach Black Owner
Zach Black Oct 29 '19
Ghost Dance - Macarbe 

Lyrically not once of their better songs but the 80's glam metal sound is obviously intentional and done well. 

Dec 25 '20
Deathspell Omega- influenced by theistic Satanism and continental philosophy.

Dark Enlightenment
Dark Enlightenment Dec 25 '20


This song is interesting because it's in 21/8 with down counts that always equal 21, 7×3, or "777".   If you really analyze it in depth, the formula for the song is The Seal of Babylon, which appeared on their stage set as well.



Prophetic, this song.  This entire album should be an illuminati conspiracy theory. Came out the same week as Covid-19. 

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Dec 25 '20
Old Tymers

Dec 25 '20
Malayalam... very REAL and Satanic. This negro has some dance moves!

Dec 29 '20
This DarkMusic is a very REAL and Satanic band.

Jan 5
Venom is not Satanic? Then what is satanic? Kajagoogoo?  Are you serious? 
Jan 5
One of my favorite songs, is it not Satanic? I don't care!

Cradle Of Filth - The Foetus Of A New Day Kicking [OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube

Hope it works!

Jan 7
"The Foetus Of A New Day Kicking"

Thank you so much. I couldn't remember the name of that one, so that will come in handy when I make another disc for the car, awesome track.

This one's pretty good too.

The 'uncensored' version will not embed unfortunately.

Dark Enlightenment

I'm looking for the lucifer in music when it comes to satanic bands, not the guy with horns.

Take Arch Enemy, on the surface it appears absolutely Satanic until you consider all the "United we" shit in Angela's misguided lyrics, and she doesn't get the Abba "I can't speak English copout" either.

Slayer is interesting especially God Hate Us All, Christ Illusion, really have that fire to them.  The raging infernal diatribe agasinst an unnecessary and unfair imposition. Songs like "Exile", or "Skeleton Christ", really have a go be of "whose fucking with the dude?". But isn't Tom Arya catholic?

Call it the Satanic version of scent recognition, but you can tell a genuine adversarial satanic core versus grandstanding even in lyrics.  

There needs to be that element of "unnecessary compulsory submission" to push back against. You can definitely tell it when you hear it.  Apart from Slayer because I post enough Slayer. 

It's as identifiable as the originality of their style, regardless how they identify. 

And not always a strait forward "fuck you" either, sometime it's just the candor, like on Tool's "Hooker With A Penis".  Call me a sellout? Here's you song bitch boy.  

In this spirit I submit this as one of the most core Satanic album ever produced because it was written specifically to piss off and get dropped and sued by their record label for what happened with Nevermind. 

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