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Hartnell Oct 23 '15
I currently have a fetish for the Left 4 Dead series at the moment.

Looking forward to eventually playing Transformers: Devastation, THPS5, (even though it sucks) and Last of Us. Other than that, there's nothing on my radar.

Well, I was looking foward to Silent Hills but....DAMN YOU HIDEO!!!

ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Oct 24 '15
I'm not playing any games at the moment - busy writing and learning photoshop, but the last game I was into was Sims. lol. I liked creating the people and making them live either normal or very alternative lives - depending on my mood. But I also used to spend a lot of time actually designing the Sims and the houses, so it was creative for me too. Creative and God-like (insert evil laugh).
Margaret96 Nov 17 '15
I'm play the Sims 3 pets on the xbox 360. I have a nerd type family where my Sims has mastered the logic, painting, and writing skill. She is also a professional author who is working on becoming a chess legend. She married her next door neighbor, Marcel Gattus and has two adopted children (a boy and a girl) with a baby on the way.
Hartnell Nov 17 '15
I'm currently, at this very moment, playing Need For Speed: Underground 2 for PS2
Finix Nov 17 '15
i'm playing World of Warcraft, League of legends and Payday 2

Games where you mostly need to play as a team

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ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Nov 19 '15
When I was with my ex husband I lived in a house with him, his two teenage sons and my son who was a kid at the time... So many males...  They could tell when I was frustrated about something because I would sit at the computer and play a little flash game called "Throw Rocks at Boys."  It was very therapeutic and made me smile.

Try it! It's fun!

And this is a funny one too... It's a macabre little game of jump rope... LOL.
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Black ops 3 on the Ps4.
aeneas2989 Nov 20 '15
The one with your head.
Hartnell Nov 20 '15
^ pffft
pyro Nov 25 '15
Fallout 4 and fallout 3 for xboxone
Guess who
Guess who Dec 7 '15
Lately I've been playing MGS6, Victoria 2, and AC3. Not much else. Metal gear solid is definitely one of my favorite video game series; you don't want to know how much time I spent playing peace walker back in the day, it was a work of art. The newest one is even better...it does lack a sophisticated plot, but that's actually pretty refreshing given that all other MGS games have been so complicated you could barely grasp the story without first taking a heavy dose of adderall. Victoria 2 is one of my favorites as well, probably the best strategy game I know of. As for AC3, well, sometimes I get extremely bored.
Hartnell Dec 7 '15
The last Metal Gear I got into was 2. #3 was odd...
Guess who
Guess who Dec 7 '15
They're all pretty strange. By far the strangest was #4 though.
Hartnell Dec 7 '15
What was strange about it?
Hartnell Dec 7 '15
Could the strangeness be summed up with the name "Hideo"? ;)
Karverdreadmore Member
Karverdreadmore Feb 6 '16
Fallout 4. I like to murder people...in video games...a lot...*insert winking happy face*
G.B. Feb 11 '16
i play dead frontier alot, it´s a top down zombie-shooter, free2play pay2win online game. i like the game alot, but everyone agree´s that it´s not quite the best game ever but somehow addictive. there´s a saying there that you come for the game and stay for the forum. or that it´s actually a forum with a mini-game attached to it. the forum is quite popular there, the mods have things under control now, a few years back the forum was more like a verbal hooligan-street-riot and troll fest. now usually people use the forum to complain about the game and what it´s come to.
once in awhile religious discussions break out and when things get too much out of hand the mods lock them. a while back some fellow from joyofsatan advertised satanism and the joyofsatan site there aswell.
but sometimes people play the game.
gamerguy666 Mar 2 '16
i am playing Metal Gear Solid 5 and Rise of the tomb raider on PC.

Both of them are fantastic and i find myself sucked in every single time i play. However Metal gear is a MUCH bigger game and it's Kojima's last (with konami at least)  i'm glad i got it free with my graphics card. 

ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Mar 3 '16
SimCity... My nuclear reactor just blew and destroyed my beautiful island tourism city. Sucks!
Asmedious Mar 3 '16

Quote from ShadowLover SimCity... My nuclear reactor just blew and destroyed my beautiful island tourism city. Sucks!
Note to self:  Avoid beautiful island destinations that have nuclear reactors on them.
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