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gamerguy666 Mar 16 '16
I was just wondering what gaming platform everyone prefer's to play on and start a conversation on the matter. I personally prefer PC gaming because: Cheaper games, Free online multiplayer, I have an almost limitless library of games, (even console games with an emulator) Games look nicer also (for the most part) run better on PC. Now that i gave my opinion i would like to hear from others.
Brazy Member
Brazy Mar 17 '16
PC Gaming is by far the best way to go. I don't own any game consoles at all, but I do have a monster PC that delivers a greater experience than any other platform can give me. It's more costly, but I built mine from the ground up; totally customized. And the best part, is that it doesn't become obsolete or a thing of the past like consoles as I can upgrade if and when need be.
gamerguy666 Mar 22 '16
Exactly i switched from PS4 and i NEVER looked back, I just can't get over how many games i can play because i didn't have very many games for my PS4 
gamerguy666 Mar 26 '16
 Is anyone on steam? It would be awesome to play with other satanists.
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ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Mar 27 '16
Definitely PC. Xbox controllers are too complicated for me who grew up with a joystick and a fire button. (Pacman will always rule!) I don't have the hand/eye co-ordination, which males excel in, to handle the controller effectively. I gave up on PS when it moved beyond Tarzan swinging on vines and sliding down tree branches about 20yrs ago! But I enjoy moderate PC gaming because I can do it. And if I can't do it I ask my son how to do it and he tell me and I'm good to go.
Hartnell Mar 28 '16
PS 2
Lindagewargis Mar 28 '16
PC, for me, but do own both ps4 and xbone. I definitely get the best aspects of all you mentioned, from PC, although the ps4 does cut it pretty close. BTW, here's my steam profile of anyone would like to compare games or add me! http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198062488573/
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gamerguy666 Mar 28 '16
sent :)
TasteofBlood May 19 '16
quael Mar 19 '17
I'd love to play on PC, however, my current rig isn't too hefty. Currently, I operate on PS3, but in the future, when I am hired, I do plan on building my own PC. I wish you didn't have to run Windows for the majority of games, since I dislike being spied upon by Microsoft, but hey, what can we do?
FerrousLucius Mar 27 '18
PC all the way.  Last console was a 360. I've pretty much exclusively played PC games the last 6 years. Recently upgraded my gaming rig and bit the bullet and got a GTX1080ti. Coin miners have really made DIY rigs expensive in the last few months, but even then I still prefer to build my own.
TL49877 Apr 22 '18
I love all but if I have to chose.. ps4 since the exclusives are great (my opinion) plus the servers run a bit better than xbox one (from experince)..
Deadpuppet01 Oct 1 '18
PS4, right now.
Erebus Imperium
Erebus Imperium Oct 14 '19
I've been on Xbox since it's beginning.  I currently play mainly COD Black Ops 4 and Fallout 76.  Any Xbox folk, I've created a hidden-invite only Satanist Club.  Let me know your Gamertag and I'll send you an invite.  My Gamertag is Erebus Imperium.
Nick218 Chapter Head
Nick218 Apr 17
 PS4 All the way 

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