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gamerguy666 Apr 22 '16
This is something that has been on my mind sense i became a satanist. Now because of the taboo/misconception i know i have to be careful about who i tell and who i don't, But a good thing in my case is GOOD friends. Because i have told 1 friend after a rather long and intelligent conversation ranging from Politics, Movies, eventually philosophy where he was talking about how he thought all the misconception's about certain religions and philosophy's where bullshit.

 I dropped a FEW subtle hints knowing i could trust him (and not thinking he would catch it) he paused and asked "did you know that satanists believe in the same things you do?" I paused for a second and said "I know because i am one" the response was a handshake and "REALLY?!?! fucking right on man i have a few satanist friends dude" (he's NOT a satanist he likes Cthulhu ) his only question's about it was how long i was one and why i chose this. We continued as normal he hasn't treated me any different we hang out all the time and he kept it quiet like i asked. 

However this person is the only friend ill tell for now. because my other good friend is a BIG i mean HUGE redneck and though he's not religious but he just about check's off all the redneck boxes that's for sure (part of why we're friends) we've been best friends for years i just don't know how he'd react.
Friends aside i told myself family will not know because i am BIG on family i just don't want to risk them thinking differently of me or is this a bad move?

(Sorry if a bit long just had to tell the story how it happened.)

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ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Apr 22 '16
I think it is entirely up to each individual who they reveal what to... You might beat off to Winnie the Pooh - it doesn't mean you are obligated to tell everyone. 

I told my bestest friend of 18yrs that I joined an online Satanist group. She didn't care - she is just happy I am getting some o the stimulation I need. She knows I am into pushing the concepts of reality etc. My son has seen it on my computer but he hasn't said anything. He is an atheist. My mum is schizophrenic, so I wouldn't let her know that I frequent such a place because it might freak her out and make her sick.

What I choose to believe and who I choose to hang with is my business. I know and associate with a lot of white-lighters. I would be selective who I told amongst them, but I do talk about lefthand path stuff and Satanic philoshopy a lot - people mainly have a problem with the label and not the philosophy. Some open-minded spiritualists have picked up something and have thrown different names or books at me just to see if I bite I think. Then we know we are kindreds. And why would you tell a hard-core Christian? That would just result in continual annoying lectures as they try with all their heart to save your soul and who needs that shit. 

I think it is within humans to be desired to be truly known and understood. But we have to be careful because everything we do has consequences and we are not always the ones that pay the price.

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gamerguy666 Apr 22 '16
 Well my redneck friend is NOT religious he's said this on many occasions he's more of the truck driving, gun shooting, chew spitting, Type and REALLY fun to do stupid shit with.

 But i agree being careful with who knows and who doesn't is something i take seriously because i don't want others to pay a price by knowing. Like i said before i would not tell family because ether they're christian for the exact reason's you mentioned or not sure if they would understand (kind of a gray area) or i just wouldn't want to risk putting them in a bad spot.

ShadowLover Member
ShadowLover Apr 22 '16
I wasn't meaning that your friend was hardcore Christian... That was just a example separate to your circumstances - sometimes intentions get lost in text. 

But it sounds like you have a great balanced view on things. Good luck. : )

ManxLoaghtan Member
ManxLoaghtan Apr 23 '16
The first thing i would ask is what benefit is it for myself to tell someone? Not saying you are a Satanist is not the same as denying you are a Satanist; and if you did, who cares really, it is up to you. Secondly I would say, after being disowned by a few friends and blocked by at least one, it can sort out your genuine friends when you do say...the ones I have lost are not missed, let us leave it at that. Good luck whatever you choose.  
gamerguy666 Apr 23 '16
I'm sorry that happened to you and you're right that type of thing will sort who you're true friends are. And to answer you're question some friends yes it would benefit me because like i said many people i hangout with would be completely fine with it or they would know i am still a "cool shit" and know nothing has changed and be able look past it or if not in a conversation i would rather a better footing for defense/reassurance then getting blindsided. As for others ill wait throw a hint here and there over time and see if they ever catch anything and if not they know more about what i stand for with little risk to the friendship. I simply will continue with caution. Thank you for the advice brother.
gamerguy666 Apr 25 '16
For the people I want to know what you said is basically what I will tell them and of course I will go into more detail. the people I hangout with have known me and been friends for years and I hope it would go well. Ill probably have "the only thing that's changed is you know" and it would be true. that all being said I think I'm good with just 1 friend knowing for now. 

Thank you for the advice.

Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Oct 9 '16
In Satanism you find out what and who you really are ;   you leave behind those who think,  pretend and deceive themselves to be something that they will never become,  because you know that is just a dream to keep them slept. 
The Satanist
The Satanist Oct 11 '16
Telling close friends, I was a Satanist, they just looked at me, if I was taking the piss. But, when I told them the truth, they said, 'OK'. Family was one of the most difficult. "You can pick your friends, not your family!" Anyhow, either they take me who I really am, or they can fuck off. I do not careless. I am a proud Satanist. 
Sturmgeist88 Oct 28 '16
Where I live, not being redneck christian and white trash is enough to get you beat up or maybe even killed. Utah area is a shithole for those who aren't indoctrinated. So I have no choice but to blend in with the herd assassin's creed style. There area few people I know whom exist unplugged from the matrix- mostly atheists or agnostics. Not the fedora type, mind you. I've been planting the seeds of interest in their minds regarding all sects and branches of Satanism.

You must understand that most people are shit. They're cattle and sheep who exist to follow their herd. Fuck the herd- get the fuck out of there (but avoid getting trampled to death) and become the herder or leader.
Ludwik Chapter Head
Ludwik Oct 30 '16
Sturmgeist88, I always disagreed with people who think that just because they're a Satanist that they have to let everyone know; Whether they recipients are interested in Satanism or not. We don't have an obligation to tell people what we believe in; especially not when it can go against you. I am quite a Machiavellian guy, I have had friends for years who don't even know I'm a Satanist or Occultist - they think they know me, but all I've ever shown them is the mask. I do a little test with people if I think they're open-minded and I may say something like "did you hear about them satanists who want to put a statue of something called Baphomet on the city hall in Oklahoma" and if they respond with "do they want to worship a statue of their devil" or something along the lines of that - I know that they're unable to fathom what Satanism is. When they equate it all to devil worship and evil and don't ask any other questions or are curious about what else it might be there is no point in telling exposing yourself, transparency can leave you vulnerable - they'll just think you're weird and never speak to you again.
gamerguy666 Oct 30 '16
Ludwik i couldn't have said it better myself, well said man and a very happy Halloween to you
VenusSatanas Oct 31 '16
if people ask i tell them that i am pagan; if they are responsive to this then perhaps they may be open minded enough to let them know that im on the left side of things, mostly. however id be cautious as to whom you reveal it too, its all too easy to get misunderstood and have someone use it against you.
I used to wear my pentagram in public, every day, even at work. Ive toned it down somewhat, and nowadays I just wear my crystals, and a pentagram ring - its enough to show that i am different without giving it all away.
The Satanist
The Satanist Nov 2 '16
To be blunt and straight forward - I tell people who I am, and basically I do not even give a F##k, what they say afterwards. If they hate me, before they know me, F##k them. Take me for what I am, or just F##k off. Is this to blunt? 

I was told many times by people who hate Satanism, "Your just a C##T!" my reply to that is - thanks, but that's useful, I ain't that good. ahahahahahah

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The Satanist
The Satanist Nov 2 '16
Thanks for comment, FraterLuciferi. Maybe, I just to Blunt. My work knows, and they, don't care. Maybe, because I am retiring...LOL
VenusSatanas Nov 2 '16
Yeah typical comment after someone finds out is :oh but your'e such a nice girl!:  yeah, being a satanist is not what they think at all. im just a normal person, mostly with a darker education.
Akmamten Nov 2 '16
I don`t feel compelled to tell people anything but if it comes to it I`ll just say I am pagan , which is more accurate as Satanism is just one of several LHP philosophies or religions I have an interest in .
Berardo Rodriguez Member
Berardo Rodriguez Nov 3 '16
If you say: "I AM A SATANIST ",  people will hear you,  and they will have a lot of questions about Satanism.   If you live the life of a satanist,  people will look at you and see their answers about Satanism being said aloud; the way you live your daily life  speaks louder than your words.  
The Satanist
The Satanist Nov 3 '16
Fucking A! Berardo Rodriguez, well said.
Angel Of Death
Angel Of Death Dec 6 '16
I tell my friends most of my friends already know....either take it or leave it. I'm a hardcore bad boy Satanist, I wear black hoodies and kill people and am proud of it. JK. But, if they're really your friends they'll accept you for you no matter what. hell most of my friends are already Satanists anyway.
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