You Are Going To Have A Bad Time from Dark Enlightenment's blog

If you do the devil wrong-wise you are going to have a bad time.

Always learn to pizza before you french fry.

This is simple.  It is all real.  AND IT WANTS YOU DEAD!.

In the Nazi Germany there was a true occult society that totally influenced Himler, and subsequently some art school dropout faggot.

They believed in a magical force, which is actually like the one in the star wars pictures.  A "vril".

This is like a cosmic channel that exists in a realm of wind and ghosts, wait wrong culture, spirits and alien forefathers. We come from The Pleiades.  Our true form is Aryan. Don't listen to all the contrary genetic evidence, that is just what they want you to think.

Since the time they seeded our planet they have communicated through this "vril", I think, I am not actually sure, in any case this is the "divine channel", the bridge to the world of the extra-dimensional, hyper-dimensional, or possibly transgalactic.  A psychic channel and force of causal manipulation that one can harness, but also become susceptible to all people and entities that use that channel. 

Unfortunately, even the help of Nordic Aliens and occulty whatnot The Third Reich forces couldn't counter the audacity of Imperial Japan and horrible tactical planning of the art school dropout faggot.

But the force is totally real. If you do the devil, you do that channel, and you are going totally regret it until you are down on your knees praying for a zombie Jew's strength of eternal abstraction to save you. 

So even if you're a skeptic, if you dabble with the devil it will prove itself to be real and lead you right back to the comfort of superstitious explanations.  Not a very good way to turn people, but hey, the mystical forces want you back in line and the evil ones work for the good ones in concert. So really everything serves a movie like superhero agenda. Where a cosmic good is the true nature of everything and THEY WILL RETURN YOU IF YOU FUCK UP OR STRAY FROM THE MANDATED PATH.

I am seriously, I have awakened. It's all about the mystical ancient force of something that doesn't half to make sense anymore. The force is not to be played with.

With ABSOLUTE MORAL ethics (because an ancient good is for true) you can totally use this channel and the ethereal entities that inhabit this psychic whatever to manipulate the causal. They will inexplicably break that tree branch or otherwise change the timing of something using some acausal creature power. Outside our space/time, of course.

But if you are not as "pure of spirit" as King Arthur you will not be reborn to harness the power, also like King Arthur, and to a lesser extent The Lord of the Rings.

All hail the cosmic hyper-dimensional god channel!

"It doesn't need to add up" <- that should be its tagline.

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The Wall

Apr 21
I'll tell ya, you tell 'em no salt, and there's salt all over the rim. Big grains of salt. Also no mayonnaise, but there it is, all over your jalapenos. Evil does exist. You can see it in the bulges of fat exploding out of people's shirts and waistlines. And never mind what these civilized folk tend to do to public restrooms on a regular basis...I'll tell ya, you tell 'em no salt, and there's salt all over the rim. Big grains of salt. Also no mayonnaise, but there it is, all over your jalapenos. Evil does exist. You can see it in the bulges o...See more
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Apr 21
Ashkenazis were nazis before nazis were nazis.
Tkwilliams Member
Apr 22
What about the balshavics?
Apr 23
They were shavics before shavics were shavics.
Apr 23
wtf did I just read?
Brother Shamus
Apr 23
Psychotherapy getting raped by esoteric stockholm syndrome
Apr 23
It's not rape if it's dead.
Tkwilliams Member
Apr 24
Brother Shamus
Apr 24
Naw, it takes a living sack of meat to keep it "alive" and whatnot. Everything else is a gif with a time stamp there for sufferers of unconscious synesthesia.
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Apr 24
Psychotherapy? Dead as a door-nail. Pharmaceuticals.
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By Dark Enlightenment
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