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Since the rise of youth culture in the west during the fifties, identity of being a maverick, a rebel, a loner, and so forth has been sold to people like a good. It's in every movie, in music, in the halls oofery high school and the ingrained identity clutched to by our co-workers who ride their Harley Davidson's on the weekend, because doing what tens of thousands of other dudes with handlebar moustaches in their fifties is super rebellious. In this category I also place the wearers of gruesome horror themed t-shirts, punk rockers, goths, social justice warriors, and so on. The urge to be an iconoclast is in some ways as strong as the urge to follow. The rub is that most times people just end buying, and I mean that literally, into the self-perception they they are the slaughterer of holy cows, just like flock of sheep who have all been convinced of the same thing.

Has this been sold to us by some conspiratorial secret group on Madison Avenue hoping to bring about a Satanic Aeon? I hope so, and if it has been, I'll kiss the sphincter of the High-Mucky-Muck-Templar or whatever I have to do to be on the winning side of the conspiracy. I look good in a robe, and really they're more comfortable than pants (I never wear clothes under my magic robes).

If you take for a moment my operational definition of magic: "Any will/desire that starts in the brain, that is then created in objective reality." You can see that a great many things are effectively magical. Basically all human behaviour can enjoy the shade of this magical umbrella. But the more interesting forms of magic involve rituals that use aesthetics and art as a bridge from the mental version of the will to its physical manifestation on the objective plane of the universe. 

If you look at any martial arts club, from the nonsensical mystical bullshit taught in aikido to the primarily athletic, spectator sport martial art of western boxing, the trappings of magic and ritual are everywhere. Granted they are more obvious in many of the traditional asian martial arts, involving bowing, special clothes, meditation, and sometimes mantras. If you go to a boxing or mma gym, you can see many of the same categories of things, they just look superficially different. You see a lot of the same athletic gear like Everlast, Hayabusa, or Venum, worn to appease the martial spirits to be invoked. Or just to fit in. Or because those are high quality brands, and wearing a high quality brand will mean that you are a better fighter, at least in one's head at some level. 

Essentially all forms of martial arts or combat sports involve a preparatory period,  like striking the gong or lighting the incense in order to get the mind into the magical trance or mood necessary for spell-work. The preparatory period in the martial arts is a warm up, light exercises to prepare the body to get in to aroused state necessary to meet the upcoming demands of the workout or competition.

And then training happens. Much like a voodoo practictioner plunges needles into his poppet to destroy him, the kickboxer hits the heavy bag in preparation for the fight, simulating in as realistic a form as possible his opponent. The fighters who have teachers that keep current on the state of sports science are well aware of the utility of using visualization as a means to improve the skill of a fighters' techniques. Visualization of course is a time honoured tradition in many mystical and magical paths.

Each training session I argue is no different from a spell; what you do in the dojo is meant to make a certain outcome happen in the objective world. Some systems of martial arts utilize methods of training that are so byzantine that the outside observer can see little relation to that and the act of physical combat. Think of elaborate systems of choreographed movements, some of which are designed to improve woo woo as "chi". These fighters never let their spells come to fruition, their spells fail, for they seldom test their abilities in real life (at least I've found little evidence other than wild claims from their practitioners). 

If a truly devoted martial artist lifts weights and diets appropriately to further increase his performance in combat, this is the same thing: An act with absolutely no clear relation to the act of punching someone in the head until they fall down. Yet it cannot be denied that such fighters are those who in fact do defeat their opponents with the greatest skill and frequency, and if they chose could probably go into a crowded area and cause serious damage with nothing but their bodies. In other words, martial artists who have proven their ability through competition or street fights after casting their spells (years of training) are fucking wizards.

So I made a mistake in my last post. Excuse me while I commit seppuku for dishonouring my ancestors.

Ok, it took a few hundred squares of Bounty, but my brothers floor is all clean now. Does anybody know if human offal is compost-able? On to Transmundane:"reaching beyond or existing outside the physical world" according to dictionary.com, which as we all learned in samurai school is the supreme arbiter of etymological truth. I was under the mistaken impression that transmundane was a word invented by the guys and gals at Bethesda Studios who wrote the in game grimoire "Discerning The Transmundane" in Skyrim, which is a very cool occult questline. I thought that it was a nonsense word like something you would find in the excellent website http://wisdomofchopra.com/ (fyi today my wisdom was "nature is an ingredient of infinite images"). Apparently Transmundane has been used by obscure virginal theologians in the 1800s, and is roughly equivalent to the term paranormal. Not what I intended.

I was hoping to make Transmundane a marketable buzzword for my inevitable Satanic Self-Help books (while reading such books might not be very Satanic, selling them is the very definition), but with the revelation of an association to the paranormal, fuck it. What I meant was something that is simply outside of the mundane, but which is objectively real. Something that can be measured and tested. For example, if I perfect my 180 hook kick, I could probably break a dude's, or dudettes jaw ( I'm not sexist I'll hit a lady if she wants me to) with said kick with much more frequency than the vast majority of people on the Earth. That would be a transmundane accomplishment, because it is awesome, and exquisitely rare. But as I said, that is not the official definition, so fuck it, I'm cancelling my motivational speaking tour.

As an aside, I would use footnotes instead of parentheses, but I don't see how to do that in the word processor here?

I'm new to this site, and I'm a little bit drunk. If stereotypes from literature and movies have taught me anything though, that just makes me a good, tortured artist that'll fuck your girlfriend while you're mowing the lawn or some such domestic nonsense. I'm gonna ramble until I find something that I can hammer into a blog post that might get some eyeballs on it. What is the point of writing anything unless people read it after all?

If you would like to discuss various ways of dismantling a human machines using only the human machine, that is hand to hand combat, get in touch with me! If you would like to recommend disgusting movies, do the same. Weird, filthy, underground music? You know the drill, get in touch! But not literally, do you think I didn't see you scratching your asshole?

My intention with this site is to attempt to get more of what I like to think of as the transmundane in my life. Transmundane for my purposes means anything that falls to the right of the bell curve of human behaviour. Satanism, the occult, and the LHP in general all fall into that category. The transmundane makes me glad to be alive, while the mundane makes me sad to draw the same breath as all the mundanes.

 I should mention however that I have grave concerns about these things essentially being absorbed into a larger commodity that is the consumer good of rebellion that has been sold to the West since the 60's, but that is a subject for another day. That day will have caffeine as its primary drug instead of alcohol as it would require some research on my part, as well as sound logic and coherent points. Such topics are beyond the scope of the current article.

So if you suffered through those rambling paragraphs, go fuck yourself. I mean thank you. I like to write, and we will be seeing more of each other, whether you like it or not.

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