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So I made a mistake in my last post. Excuse me while I commit seppuku for dishonouring my ancestors.

Ok, it took a few hundred squares of Bounty, but my brothers floor is all clean now. Does anybody know if human offal is compost-able? On to Transmundane:"reaching beyond or existing outside the physical world" according to, which as we all learned in samurai school is the supreme arbiter of etymological truth. I was under the mistaken impression that transmundane was a word invented by the guys and gals at Bethesda Studios who wrote the in game grimoire "Discerning The Transmundane" in Skyrim, which is a very cool occult questline. I thought that it was a nonsense word like something you would find in the excellent website (fyi today my wisdom was "nature is an ingredient of infinite images"). Apparently Transmundane has been used by obscure virginal theologians in the 1800s, and is roughly equivalent to the term paranormal. Not what I intended.

I was hoping to make Transmundane a marketable buzzword for my inevitable Satanic Self-Help books (while reading such books might not be very Satanic, selling them is the very definition), but with the revelation of an association to the paranormal, fuck it. What I meant was something that is simply outside of the mundane, but which is objectively real. Something that can be measured and tested. For example, if I perfect my 180 hook kick, I could probably break a dude's, or dudettes jaw ( I'm not sexist I'll hit a lady if she wants me to) with said kick with much more frequency than the vast majority of people on the Earth. That would be a transmundane accomplishment, because it is awesome, and exquisitely rare. But as I said, that is not the official definition, so fuck it, I'm cancelling my motivational speaking tour.

As an aside, I would use footnotes instead of parentheses, but I don't see how to do that in the word processor here?

SamaelSwine Sep 15 '16 · Rate: 4 · Comments: 4 · Tags: skyrim, transmundane, self-help, deepak chopra
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